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Sam Chanse

Theater News: Magic Theatre announces 2020-2021 season featuring world premiere of Sam Chanse’s ‘Monument’

As San Francisco Bay Area theater companies struggle to bring shows to a new, online-only audience we see different approaches being employed to keeping us engaged. Many have turned to streaming and virtual experiences -- given social distancing these seem like pretty much the only viable alternatives.Meantime, others, like...
Theater Review: WIDOWERS' HOUSES at Aurora, Berkeley

A nineteenth-century housing crisis at Aurora Theatre

Widowers’ Houses is, by Shaw’s own categorization, a “play unpleasant.”No one on the stage is remotely likeable. Certainly not Blanche (Megan Trout), the spoiled young lady with a temper so violent that she beats her maid. Her on-and-off fiancé Trench (Dan Hoyle) is perpetually slack-jawed, a Bertie Wooster without...
Dear Master - Aurora Theatre Company Review

Literary Lives in Letters at Aurora Theatre

'Dear Master' made me want to pick up another George Sand novel. I think I’ll go do just that.
The How and the Why - Aurora Theater, Berkeley

‘The How and the Why’ at Berkeley Aurora

Grad student Rachel, played by Martha Brigham, is such a study in insecurity that you want to take her offstage, and give her a Xanax.
The Monster Builder - Aurora Theatre Company, Berkele

A monster builder, a master play

A talented cast at Berkeley's Aurora Theatre Company holds the show together through all its twists and turns.
The Submarine Show - Review

The Berkeley Submarine

Within seconds of lights going down, kids in the audience began to burst into irrepressible giggles at the sight of Slater Penney and Jaron Hollander, as if all were privy to some inside joke.
l-r, Beth (Jamie Jones*) enjoys the joint she scores from teenaged dealer Jonathan (Devin O’Brien) in Aurora Theatre Company’s Bay Area Premiere of Mud Blue Sky

Taking you higher with ‘Mud Blue Sky’

Beth is the take-charge one: your mother – or maybe you – keeping eyelids popped open while trying not to advertise she’s been doing it on autopilot for a mighty long time.

We are Family… NOT! ‘The Lyons’ at the Aurora (Review)

Above all, you wonder 'Who are these two to each other?' Is this really the time to be arguing about redoing the living room? You never question why your attention is fixed like a laser on these really disagreeable people.

Portrait of a Despot: Breakfast with Mugabe (Review)

Aurora Theatre in Berkeley consistently brings us smart, intelligent theatre – and 'Breakfast with Mugabe' is no exception.