Apple Pie

A is for Autumn and Apple Pie (recipe)

Here's my twist on a classic apple pie recipe.
"Easy as Pie" Apple Pie

Scrumptious “Easy as Pie” apple pie recipe

This recipe calls for 6 Granny Smith apples and only 2 tablespoon of sugar.

Fourth of July party perfect recipes

Whether your hosting or attending a Fourth of July party, here are some surefire recipes that are simple to create from my California Kitchen.

New year, new apple peeler!

Celebrating the New Year, I took my new apple peeler on a test drive., the first attempt didn't go quite as I intended...but on the second try, I mastered the apple peeler and was able to plow through the peeling of the six apples required to make my Easy...

‘Easy as Pie’ Apple Pie Recipe, Part 2

Over the holiday, I made two more apple pies with my "Easy as Pie" Apple Pie Recipe. Here are some shots of the results.On the first, I varied the amount of apples for the recipe, almost doubling it. The result is a very impressive dome profile on the apple...

‘Easy As Pie’ Apple Pie Recipe

I created this apple pie about nine years ago and since then have adjusted the recipe, perfecting it with each version. It canonized about three years ago, reaching what I consider to be perfection. Since you may be craving for  something other than pumpkin pie right about now, I thought...