Teatro ZinZanni

Theater Review: Bill Irwin the consummate clown in ‘Scapin’

Did I mention this show is unpredictable?

Teatro ZinZanni: Hail Caesar!

Clint, in the end, rises to the occasion and breaks out his version of Bono moves on stage.
Teatro ZinZanni San Francisco Wardrobe with Beaver Bauer

On Location: Teatro ZinZanni

Join Loni and Clint as they run down the streets of San Francisco, trying to make opening night in time. Will they make it?

Peeking under Madame ZinZanni’s dresses

Who is the woman behind the flamboyant costumes that adorn all the performers? What I enjoyed most was Beaver's down-to-earth and unedited demeanor.
Teatro Zinzann: Love, Chaos & Couture

Dinner Theater: Teatro ZinZanni in San Francisco

A wild-and-zanny-Steve-Martin kind of guy with heavy makeup and colorful costume, he enters on a chariot: "I am Caesar!"

Teatro ZinZanni in San Francisco celebrates ten years and the start of ZinZanni Camp

Teatro ZinZanni, set along the historic San Francisco waterfront, provides an escape from the city into a whimsical world of cabaret, acrobatics, and comedy...all accompanied by a five course gourmet feast. I experienced the ZinZanni world at its 10th Anniversary event ("10th anniversary ‘Teatro ZinZanni’ a memorable evening of...

10th anniversary ‘Teatro ZinZanni’ a memorable evening of sexy cirque, cabaret

Fine dining with a twist. Yes, indeed, the brochure has it right. And what a twist... or twists would be more like it. Teatro ZinZanni is part cabaret, part circus, part improvisational comedy. All together, it's a wild evening of non-stop entertainment.When the four-hour evening came to a rousing...