42nd Street Moon

San Francisco Theater Review: ME AND MY GIRL at 42nd Street Moon, San Francisco

Tap and Tomfoolery: Me and My Girl

It’s funny how two people can discover the same thing at once. Calculus. Oxygen. A neglected musical. Me and My Girl, hardly a household name even among connoisseurs of classic musical theater, is getting simultaneous revivals from 42nd Street Moon in San Francisco and Encores! in New York –...
New Girl in Town - 42nd Street Moon Review

‘New Girl in Town’ a catchy classic

If you asked me to name playwrights whose works were suitable for adaptation into musicals, Eugene O’Neill would be one of the last to come to mind. Length and gloom don’t lend themselves well to song and dance routines. But Bob Merrill boldly wrote not one but two musicals...

A mostly happy Most Happy Fella at 42nd Street Moon

Mention Frank Loesser to a musical theater fan, and you’re sure to hear about Guys and Dolls. The Most Happy Fella is unlikely to be discussed, because it is so rarely performed these days. It’s less consistently toe-tapping than Loesser’s more lasting hit, but it makes up for it...
42nd Street Moon - Sail Away Theater Review

Premiering Noel Coward: ‘Sail Away’

Even if you don’t like her acting style, you’ll marvel at her command, her timing, her eyebrows. Watching her makes me start connecting lines back to a young Carol Burnett.

’30s camp in ‘Nick & Nora’ at 42nd Street Moon (Review)

That slightly heightened unreality of 1930’s camp is such a great leveler that nobody emerges enough to really capture your interest.

A Post-Halloween Sweetener at 42nd Street Moon: ‘The Boy Friend’ (Review)

Rarely do we have such a reliable witness who wears the fact she's been around the block a time or two with such discrete flair.

The Waltz, the Waltz… Do you Hear a Waltz?

This comparison of European and American attitudes toward marital fidelity suggests that while Americans aren’t as sophisticated as we like to think, we were far more sophisticated in the early ‘60s than we tend to remember.

More Cole Porter: ‘DuBarry Was a Lady’

Director and choreographer ­­Zack Thomas Wilde was smart enough not to let Rothrock’s cleanly defined moves dominate the production, allowing for other equally superb talents, such as Rudy Guerrero, to shine through.

It’s Friendship! Comedian Bruce Vilanch talks Tina Fey, “being sick of me”, Broadway revival (Video)

Bruce Vilanch is in town for the revival of 'Du Barry Was a Lady' at 42nd Street Moon. Loni Stark catches up with the famed actor, writer, comedian in this SI interview.

San Francisco Weekend: Wrong’s What I Do Best, The Suit, Du Barry Was a Lady, SFIFF, Off the Grid

Some of our favorite things to do in San Francisco this weekend including SFIFF premiere LAST WEEKEND, Off the Grid food truck nirvana at Fort Masaon, and more