Trendspotting: Free Peloton digital subscription for UnitedHealth members

UnitedHealth members have an interesting new benefit. The Motely Fool reports in its "The Five" podcast that the insurance giant is now offering free Peloton subscriptions for its members. As the Fool points out this is a big win for both companies. UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH) gets a potential differentiator from the...
Peloton Bike - Product Announcement, Price Changes

New Peloton Feature Alert: Subtitles now available for live classes

PSA for Peloton riders: a new feature has dropped. When you log into your bikes today you should see a pop-up box announcing that subtitles are now available for live classes. To enable it go it into settings and turn them on. I should not I just finished a Denis Morton...

Peloton: It’s You. That Makes Us. (New marketing campaign)

Well, sure. Without customers you'd probably fail. /s
SoulCycle Bike vs. Peloton and the return of the fitness studio

Peloton’s Next Big Test: The fitness studio comeback

How will the hybrid at-home and in-studio fitness markets shake out?
BioBidet Discovery DLS manuals (Review)

In Review: Bio Bidet Discovery DLS smart bidet seat is a stellar performer that undercuts the competition

A luxury product without the premium price tag. The future is here.
Peloton Video: It's You. That Makes Us.

New Peloton Feature: Is being able to “pause” a ride an easy out?

Pausing a would-be rollercoaster ride seems to be a an important life hack, if not a bit of a cheat code.