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What to Expect for the Next Oculus Headset

What to expect for the next Oculus headset

COVID-19 has delayed the project most likely into 2021.
Apple 2020 Spring Event - What to Expect

What we can expect to see from Apple this Spring

Many things stand in the way of any new phone launch — including the temporary shutdown of some of Apple's major suppliers.
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Here’s what’s steaming in April on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime

Whether you're bored or are an auditory learner looking for a documentary to play in the background, there's something for you.
5 reasons why 4K is best for 1080p video delivery

5 Reasons 4K is the best way to film for 1080p

There’s no excuse in 2019 to be shooting in 1080p. Whip out your camera, switch it to 4K and don’t look back.
How video production lets you sell something, without selling it

How video production lets you sell something, without selling it

Modern video marketing is less about filming commercial and more about creating short films for brands.
Entrepreneurship: The Top 5 Fundamentals of Starting Your Own Gig

Entrepreneurship: Top 5 Fundamentals of Starting Your Own Gig

With a touch of entrepreneurial knack and drive, you can attain your goals, achieve the flexibility you’ve always wanted in a career and run your own shop just as you please.
What is 4G and LTE? A brief explanation

4G vs LTE: What they mean for consumers

Don't get stumped again next time your out for drinks with co-workers. Here's a simple explanation of 4G and LTE terminology.
Future of Automotive Technology - Trends

Trendspotting Quick Look: Technology continues to integrate into our cars

Sensors and lasers. Augmented reality. Large-scale autonomous driving. A brief look at some of the technological trends shaping our automotive future.
bkeeni for iPhone 6 & 6s

Top 5: Hottest tech accessories for summer

Guest post by Jessica Oaks. As summer heats up and fuels peak levels of spontaneity, making memories and traveling, the hottest tech accessories come very handy. Take along any and all of these tech accessories on the hot list for summer 2016 and let the adventure really begin. 1. Bkeeni Phone...
Tom Cruise - Risky Business sunglasses

A brief history of eyeglasses

Guest post by Jessica Oaks. Eyeglasses are really a rather brilliant stroke of ingenuity, if you think about it. Yes, people who wear eyeglasses every day may see them as more of a nuisance than a benefit, but then, imagine having no alternative. Imagine if you couldn't correct your near-sightedness...