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Travel with Janice Nieder: Waxing poetic about Lummi Island

The Willows Inn has been a popular R&R getaway spot for Seattlelites since it opened in 1910, but its rep as a top culinary destination blossomed under the helm of sustainability purist, Chef Wetzel.

Savor the flavor of Montgomery, Alabama with Janice Nieder

For a memorable day honoring your taste buds, here are my fave Montgomery foodie picks with choices for both penny pinchers and big spenders.
Turquoise Place

A Kiwi in Alabama Part 1 – Orange Beach

Travel writer Janice Nieder takes a fascinating road trip to Alabama, and discovers "small towns and cities sizzling with a new energy, cultural excitement, compelling historic offerings, and some damn fine eating!"

Two green thumbs up for Northern Ireland’s Flower Power!

Northern Ireland boasts one of the best gardening climates in the world producing some of the most spectacular gardens in Europe. International travel writer Janice Nieder takes a tour and shares the breathtaking experience.
Bentonville Walmart Museum

Wanderlust: The little town that could… and did!

Travel writer Janice Nieder explores the charming town of Bentonville, Arkansas and discovers art, whimsical museums, and Walmart founder Sam Walton's prophetic to-do list.

CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa: The Perfect Girlfriend Getaway

A luxurious getaway a mere 3 hour flight from SFO. It doesn't get any better says travel writer Janice Nieder.

Exploring Springfield – the poster child for Ozark Cool

Travel writer Janice Nieder explores Springfield, Missouri and discovers a place that oozes small town charm combined with the best big city offerings. Janice shares places to stay, things to do, dining experiences not to miss.

Easy winter road tripping through Western Montana’s Glacier Country

Culinary tourism writer Janice Nieder gets her wanderlust on, Montana style. Here are some of the best things to see, do and eat in this friendly, snowy wonderland.

Visit B-town: Now in full bloom (Part 1)

Travel writer Janice Nieder explores Bloomington, Indiana and discovers a bouquet of art, culture, sports and unique culinary offerings.

Wonderfully quirky side of Georgia

Off the beaten track. Travel writer Janice Nieder explores rural Georgia, and discovers oodles of Southern hospitality - not to mention the world's best Thai.