The California Glamping Experience: Treebones in Big Sur (Video)

A yurt. A nest. And endless views of the Pacific Ocean…

So, you find good old camping a little too rustic. But you’d like something more natural, more romantic than a hotel room or airbnb. May I humbly suggest:


Yes, camping with wi-fi.

SFGate recently picked their top 10 spots for glamping in Northern California. Treebones, one of my favorites, made the cut.

I spent a few nights in a yurt on the gorgeous grounds of Treebones, nestled high on the Big Sur hillside, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and highly recommend the experience.

We had magnificent views. Tranquility was the order of the day. But if we still wanted to check in with friends, we could walk to the main lodge where wi-fi was available, along with various amenities such as a restaurant (tip: don’t miss the sushi at the Wild Coast Restaurant) and pool.

Treebones, Big Sur Experience Travel Video with Loni Stark

I like these getaways as it forces me to unplug. Only then can I fully focus my energies on something creative. I don’t always succeed, but at least sweeping aside various digital distractions can give me the best opportunity. In this case, I painted, and I also wrote an outline for a manuscript I’ve been trying (and trying and trying) to complete over the past few years. Meantime, my husband Clint documented our Treebones adventure — as he’s wont to do with his Canon camera gear — and published the video which you can see above, or here below.

WATCH: The California Glamping Experience: Treebones in Big Sur

If you go I highly recommend staying in a yurt. They’re furnished and feature fireplaces and sinks (restrooms are a short walk), but are still rustic enough to enjoy the sounds of nature in lieu of tweets, Facebook notifications and random cat videos.

Hiking is the obvious activity of choice. But there are many other things you could do, including using Treebones as a base to explore up and down Big Sur, along the famous, stunning (and curvy!) Highway 1.

One last thing, check out the view in my video of the “Human Nest.” Chances are you’ll never quite experience a view like that. I’m not quite sure I’m up to experiencing an overnight up there in a nest like a bird, but wow, those views of the Pacific Ocean are breathless. Wanderlust, indeed!

SOURCE10 best glamping spots in Northern California
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