Loreto Bay Color Options

After much anticipation, we finally got the color choices for our Loreto Bay home. It seems like just yesterday Clint and I took the leap of faith and selected our lot in the Agua Viva phase.

I was a little concerned when I heard that for Agua Viva (Phase 2 of the development) the color options would be different than for the Founder’s Village (Phase 1).

However, after seeing the color boards, my concerns have dissipated. I think the color boards look wonderful. Now the difficult decision of choosing which one. I like the warth and coziness of the terracotta scheme. I think the blue scheme may give a classic beachy, cool feel which on a hot day may be desired. The verde scheme may be nice as green is always a soothing color and in the middle of the desert, green of any kind is coveted.

Choices, choices, choices…

BTW: We do have a Yahoo Group for all Loreto Bay Homeowners in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you are interested and fit the criteria – please invite yourself to the group. We keep each other informed with progress and occasionally have wonderful get-togethers!

Azul_4 Terracota_2_5 Verde_2