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Canon EOS 60D

Canon EOS 60D camera announced, time to upgrade Rebel T2i?

Ah, upgrade envy; the affliction of us who spend waking moments lusting after the latest gadgets, and reading too much Engadget, CrunchGear and
Spider San Jose (Canon T2i)

Shot on Canon EOS T2i DSLR: Spider (Video)

The dramatic web—sprawling beautifully in the city lights—caught my attention immediately as I was enjoying an evening Cab, and in a flash I was out there with the T2i.
Mantis, San Jose - Mantodea or mantises is an order of insects

Shot Canon T2i DSLR: Mantis (Video)

He definitely kept a compound eye on me, while I maneuvered, awkwardly by comparison, to get these shots with the Canon T2i.

Canon EOS DSLR Cameras: 5 tips for shooting video

"I shot a whole music vid on the beast… it’s better than the $100,000 HD Varicam I shot on in 05." -- Cullen Hoback, film director.
The Artist Diaries

The Artist Diaries new episode! ‘Half A Duck Head’ Who knew there could be so much intrigue in an oil painting class? It must be the intense creative process that unleashes all that drama. Or maybe it's the fact that here we have: Half A Duck Head. Folks, here it is, the latest episode of The Artist Diaries. Like...

Canon T2i photos, testing lenses using FD-EOS adapter

(Update: I've added photos of the lenses in a gallery below.) Our love affair at SSC with the new Canon T2i is still going strong. If you notice a different look to some of the new videos, and more photos, more gloss, then you can thank it for that extra...

San Jose Photo of the Day: Japanese Maple says “summer is coming”

What better way to celebrate spring in San Jose than a few photos of a Japanese Maple taken with the new Canon T2i? All eyes are on iPad this weekend but the new T2i has quickly become a go-to gadget for all things photo and video. The camera was...

Fountain cleaning (aka excuse for more Canon T2i photos)

It's solid, fast, easy to use and, at least to my dodgy eyes, produces remarkable shots—not to mention video at full cinematic 1080p/24.

Canon T2i first impressions, test shots

Then there's video. With native 1080p, 24 frames-per-second capability, the T2i can produce film-like, cinematic video. At least in theory.