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Has Google dropped the ball, and missed the biggest market opportunity since search?

Technology disruptions cause huge market opportunities for companies savvy enough to pounce on them. The latest is the so-called Netbook craze; small, low-priced portable computers that offer just enough power to check email and surf the web. They've grabbed headlines all week at CES in Las Vegas. Everyone is in...

This week in tech: Some of my thoughts on Macworld and CES

January is a favorite time of year for me. Two big events every year create all kinds of excitement with product announcements, technology visions and some pie-in-the-sky dreaming. Of course the two shows are Macworld and CES. This year's Macworld in my view was a bust, but carried plenty of...

Slot car racing a 35 year old basement tradition at the Starks

Over the years the collection has grown to over a hundred different types from manufacturers such as Aurora AFX, Tyco and Life-Like.

HP dv5t laptop review: The first place to look for value and performance

Worthy of the HP name. A home run. Some minor quibbles, but so much to like I highly recommend it.

Laptop buying guide: seeking out the best deals, brands and features

With all this talk of deflation I can't help but think the laptop market is a prime example. Moore's law dictates that the the number of transistors that can be inexpensively placed on a transistor doubles every 2 years. What does that mean for you and me? Well, between the moribund...

What will happen to online ad spending in 2009?

Online ad spending is a $24B industry. It's predicted to grow by 75% over the next 5 years. It's no wonder with the shift in media to the Web. But is this business recession proof? I think not. Any industry is impacted especially when consumers dramatically slow spending. The...
PS3 Home

Sony PS3 ‘Home’ beta early impressions: watch yourself slack at the mall with other virtual slackers

As for the value of walking around aimlessly, disco dancing in a plaza with strangers, or waiting in virtual lines, well that's something you can assess.

Chris Anderson on the “Freemium” business model

I had the opportunity to hear Chris Anderson speak today. He is the author of the book and concept, "The Long Tail". He spoke about his latest analysis of evolving business models. In his new exploration, he looks at how one can build a business offering basic services for free...