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DSLR tips and tricks, featuring Canon Rebel T2i, T3i, T5, T6/T6i, EOS 60D, 70D, 80D. Video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro. Testing lens, accessories.
Canon EOS 80D Hands-On Test - First Impressions

Canon EOS 80D DSLR: Best lens for shooting video?

What is the best lens for shooting video with the Canon EOS 80D (or 70D) DSLR camera? It seems that's one of the most pressing questions of our time. Given the 80D uses Canon's famous EF mount -- which seems like it's been around forever -- there's a seemingly never ending...
Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Kit with EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 Image Stabilization USM Lens (Black)

Canon EOS 80D DSLR: 5 Tips for Shooting Video

Shooting video on a Canon EOS 80D camera? Here's 5 tips to help you get the most out of your new DSLR.
Nikon COOLPIX P600 16.1 MP Wi-Fi CMOS Digital Camera with 60x Zoom NIKKOR Lens and Full HD 1080p Video (Black)

Prime Day Deals: Cameras, accessories, batteries

Update 12:16pm PT: So far, the deals are, as many are saying, meh. Nothing earth-shattering, especially when it comes to camera gear. Best deals I could find so far for stuff I'd actually use with my 70D/80D/C100 are Rokinon prime lenses. Very nice lenses at bargain prices. Most models are on...

Shot on Canon 80D: Vancouver SkyTrain in search of creative impulse (Video)

Experimenting with Canon 80D neutral profile and Alexa LUT to create dreamy/filmic look.

Canon EOS 80D Video Creator Kit: Is it a good deal?

Like we've seen before with previous models, Canon has announced a "Video Creator Kit" for its new EOS 80D DSLR camera. The package includes a microphone, memory, lens, memory card, and, of course, the camera body itself. Essentially you get everything you need, out-of-the-box, to start shooting video. Quite nice...

Wanderlust Video: “1797” Mission San Juan Bautista (Shot on RED Raven)

Sloooow motion. Slow-mo. Right?! Doesn't slowing a moving image down just make everything seem more interesting? Possibly. We see it in sports all the time during replays. And, in case you never noticed, take time to watch that next luxury goods commercial, say, for a Lexus car. Note the use...
Sony Alpha a6300 Mirrorless Digital Camera

Top 5 DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras for Shooting Videos (2016)

In the market for a new camera for shooting videos? Whether you're researching and shopping for yourself, or as a gift for a loved one, I have some good news and some bad news. The good: there's an amazing number of quality cameras out there that shoot superb video, and don't cost...

Sound Design in Video Production: Before and after (Video)

What does a scene for a short film feel like before sound editing? I took "A Surprise Delivery" from my short All American Apple Pie (full video at bottom of post), and was curious to know how the original footage looked and sounded before the mix. I wondered how different it would feel without...

Shooting on RED Raven: Thoughts from a DSLR guy (Test Video)

It's a wrap! We finished our first shoot with the RED Raven cinema camera and I'm here, as a DSLR/Canon C100 kind of guy, to share the experience, along with a few thoughts. What's good and bad about shooting a Stark Insider video on RED? But first, some brief context -- I...

Stark Insider and RED Raven: BTS ‘All American Apple Pie’ shoot

Loni was back from London. And it was the weekend. Clearly, that could mean only one thing: time to test the new RED Raven camera. I had already shot some slowmo (high frame rate) tests with Raven and was very pleased with the image produced by the well-regarded Dragon sensor...