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DSLR tips and tricks, featuring Canon Rebel T2i, T3i, EOS 60D, 70D. Video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro. Testing lens, accessories.
Only Art Forgives - Only God Forgives Canon C100 Camera Testvideo

Only Art Forgives: Because. Refn Red LEDs.

Clinton Stark tests the Canon C100 Mark II cinema camera using some homemade "Refn Red" LED gels.What is it with Only God Forgives (2013)?When I first watched Nicolas Winding Refn's followup to the (amazing) Drive (2011), I was so bored I fell asleep -- that glass of Napa Cab...
All These Sleepless Nights

Blackmagic cameras enamor Spike Lee, Kevin Smith, other film directors

The life of an indie manufacturer is not easy: It's one thing to produce relatively low cost cameras, but it's entirely another thing to get big name directors to use them on their projects.For Blackmagic Design, it would seem the tide is slowly turning in their favor...The Australian cinema...

In A World: How to build a simple, low-cost voice-over studio

Build list for a budget, portable audio studio you can use to open creative possibilities for your next video project.

Canon EOS Rebel T5, EOS 70D still top sellers

Canon DSLRs still going strong with the Rebel T5 and EOS 70D among the top sellers on Amazon.
Best Mirrorless Cameras for about $600

Top 3: Best Mid-Range Mirrorless Cameras (But Don’t Ditch Your DSLR)

Mirrorless cameras are the it thing in the world of photography (and videography too). Lightweight, and generally easy to use, these relatively small cameras are a dream come true for those that would rather not lug around boatloadsĀ of bulky old-school DSLR gear. In fact, after spending a few weeks...
Canon EOS 70D DSLR camera

Best Black Friday Camera Deals: Canon EOS 70D body only $899

One of the best DSLR cameras ever made for shooting video is the Canon EOS 70D.Canon has taken years of what it knows best -- auto-focus, quality build, fast processing, ease-of-use, stellar image -- and combined it into the one-model-to-rule-them-all.I've been shooting on the 70D for a few years...
Canon EOS 70D Tip: Setting shutter speed for video

Canon EOS 70D Quick Tip for Shooting Video: Setting shutter speed

Here's a simple tip for setting your 70D shutter speed when shooting video. In short: frame rate x2 = shutter speed.

Stark Baja Dailies: The Red Dress & Craft Beer (Video)

Shooting with a Canon C100 II cinema camera in Baja California Sur.

Stark Baja Dailies: Inside a Loreto Bay casa (Video)

Sunscreen. Good shoes. And... a camera.As I've discovered that's the travel trifecta when visiting the Baja. Indeed, the sun shines incredibly bright here. Beautifully so, streaming during the golden hour across the dramatic, stunning Sierra de la Giganta mountain range. Hitting my daily step goal is not an issue...
Panasonic Lumix GH4 - recommended for video

Top 5: Best mirrorless cameras for shooting video

If you're in the market for a new camera and want to shoot video, you're in luck. With the advent of mirrorless technology, there's an almost staggering array of cameras that produce crisp video, without the need to spend thousands of dollars. Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Leica, and even new...