Canon DSLR

Late to the game. Does Amazon’s long rumored Fire smartphone have enough to woo the Android and Apple faithful?

Canon DSLR
Clinton Stark

Shooting video with a Canon DSLR camera? Here’s 5 lenses that work great for shooting video. Plus sample footage.

Canon DSLR
BY | 04.22.14

Maybe Canon will eventually appease the enthusiast, entry pro buyer alike with a (bold!) new camera capable of 4K. Until then the GH4 and A7s beckon.

Moment in Time
BY | 04.17.14 VIDEO

Scene in San Francisco, post SFIFF screening of Gia Coppola’s PALO ALTO.

Canon EOS 70D. After years of shooting video with a DSLR, I'm contemplating a cinema camera. But which? Canon C100? Panasonic GH4? Sony A7s? Blackmagic...?
Digital Film
BY | 04.09.14

The problem with the GH4 and A7s is that both are housed in DSLR-like bodies. They’re compromises–again, shooting stills and video. Whereas something like the C100 is designed solely for video, especially doc/ENG/run-and-gun.

Indie Film
BY | 03.27.14

Shot with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, sci-fi short ‘Prospect’ commands attention thanks to a compelling story.

Caffeinated Marketing!
BY | 03.17.14

Sure enough, when the BMCC first came out last year (it was announced at NAB) I emailed Loni Stark and said, “We need Blackmagic for Stark Insider!”

Indie Film
BY | 03.04.14

Though I know Blackmagic, and their three awesome products–Pocket Cinema Camera, Cinema Camera, Cinema 4K Production–I enjoy analyzing how they market them to filmmakers.

Come to Jesus Moment
BY | 03.02.14 VIDEO

Maybe I could add a twist, and use the concept of “cinematic journalism” and apply it to the realm of arts and entertainment, and the subject matter we cover here on Stark Insider.

Canon DSLR
BY | 02.25.14

This Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 is a lens that can go toe-to-toe with the likes of Canon’s famed L series lenses.