Canon DSLR

The a7 II will ship with 5-axis stabilization built-in. The result will be smoother, clearer shots. How will Canon and Nikon respond?


Late to the game. Does Amazon’s long rumored Fire smartphone have enough to woo the Android and Apple faithful?

Canon DSLR
BY | 05.19.14

Shooting video with a Canon DSLR camera? Here’s 5 lenses that work great for shooting video. Plus sample footage.

Canon DSLR
BY | 04.22.14

Maybe Canon will eventually appease the enthusiast, entry pro buyer alike with a (bold!) new camera capable of 4K. Until then the GH4 and A7s beckon.

Moment in Time
BY | 04.17.14 VIDEO

Scene in San Francisco, post SFIFF screening of Gia Coppola’s PALO ALTO.

Canon EOS 70D. After years of shooting video with a DSLR, I'm contemplating a cinema camera. But which? Canon C100? Panasonic GH4? Sony A7s? Blackmagic...?
Digital Film
BY | 04.09.14

The problem with the GH4 and A7s is that both are housed in DSLR-like bodies. They’re compromises–again, shooting stills and video. Whereas something like the C100 is designed solely for video, especially doc/ENG/run-and-gun.

Indie Film
BY | 03.27.14

Shot with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, sci-fi short ‘Prospect’ commands attention thanks to a compelling story.

Caffeinated Marketing!
BY | 03.17.14

Sure enough, when the BMCC first came out last year (it was announced at NAB) I emailed Loni Stark and said, “We need Blackmagic for Stark Insider!”

Indie Film
BY | 03.04.14

Though I know Blackmagic, and their three awesome products–Pocket Cinema Camera, Cinema Camera, Cinema 4K Production–I enjoy analyzing how they market them to filmmakers.

Come to Jesus Moment
BY | 03.02.14 VIDEO

Maybe I could add a twist, and use the concept of “cinematic journalism” and apply it to the realm of arts and entertainment, and the subject matter we cover here on Stark Insider.