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Google Nexus 6

Google: Please give Nexus devices removable storage!

For the love of portable movie and music collections everywhere, just do it... pretty please.
Huawei Watch - 2015 Sales

Android Wear has surprise leader according to latest smartwatch report

The top maker of Android Wear watches is not Motorola, LG, Fossil or even discount player Asus...
Only Art Forgives - Only God Forgives Canon C100 Camera Testvideo

Only Art Forgives: Because. Refn Red LEDs.

Clinton Stark tests the Canon C100 Mark II cinema camera using some homemade "Refn Red" LED gels.What is it with Only God Forgives (2013)?When I first watched Nicolas Winding Refn's followup to the (amazing) Drive (2011), I was so bored I fell asleep -- that glass of Napa Cab...
Pebble Time Review

Pebble doubles down on fitness tracking with latest update

Fitbit is still the king of fitness wearables, but Pebble has been slowly, but surely inching its way up the health monitoring food chain. Today, the Palo Alto-based start-up announced an update to its software that helps users get more useful fitness data to their wrists. And hopefully, in...
Tesla Model S - self-driving car

How self driving will become the new driving

Technology matters, yes, but the cultural and marketing implications of self-driving cars could be profound.
All These Sleepless Nights

Blackmagic cameras enamor Spike Lee, Kevin Smith, other film directors

The life of an indie manufacturer is not easy: It's one thing to produce relatively low cost cameras, but it's entirely another thing to get big name directors to use them on their projects.For Blackmagic Design, it would seem the tide is slowly turning in their favor...The Australian cinema...
Spotify Video Streaming

ESPN, BBC, Comedy Central among new Spotify video providers

YouTube, watch out.Spotify today launched a new video channelĀ for its mobile apps. ESPN, BBC, MTV, Comedy Central are among the content providers signed on by the Swedish music streaming service.Available on both the iOS and Android apps, you can simply click on "Browse", and then "Shows" to have at...
Sundar Pichai - Google I/O

Google I/O developer conference set for May 18-20 – What can we expect?

Google CEO Sundar Pichai this morning told all, via Twitter, that the company's annual I/O developer conference would take place May 18-20.This time, however, the show, which provides insight into Google's future product plans in addition to hands-on access to early betas and developer tools, will take place in...

In A World: How to build a simple, low-cost voice-over studio

Build list for a budget, portable audio studio you can use to open creative possibilities for your next video project.

Nikon surprises at CES, enters action cam market

CES isn't really what it used to be -- a robotic dog was one of this year's highlights -- but that doesn't mean the Vegas electronics expo can't still produce a surprise or two. Case in point: Nikon.As expected, with the D5 Nikon updated its much adored flagship DSLR....