Virtual Reality (VR)

Oculus Rift - Review Roundup

Oculus Rift Reviews are In: Clunky VR portal or big hit?

It's finally here. Will the world ever be the same again? Or, more to the point, will virtual reality (VR) become a market reality, or simply exist as a niche product fulfilling the ardent dreams of hardcore gamers? Oculus Rift, the VR headset maker now owned by Facebook, began shipping today,...
Sony PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR, Sony’s answer to Oculus Rift & Meta 2, arrives this fall

Sony, low-end? For once, it appears to be the case, at least with respect to the company's entry into virtual reality. Silicon Valley-based Meta is coming in at the high end of the range with its second-gen headset, the Meta 2 for $949 (USD, developer kit). Valve's HTC Vive goes for $799. Facebook's much...