Stark Insider 2017 Short Film Collection


Stark Insider Original Short: Que. Sera. Sera. (VIDEO)

The challenge: You have a beautiful location. And lots of interesting light and architecture. But: no actors. How then to stage a party scene? One way is to do what we did in this new Stark Insider original short film. In Que. Sera. Sera. the ever-supportive spouse Loni Stark hosts a party...

Stark Insider Short Film: A. Blinding. Light. (VIDEO)

Who is Stark Insider? A. Blinding. Light. The theme continues as Loni Stark and I roll out our series of shorts over the coming weeks and months. This marks the first time we've created a central theme for a series of videos. Over the summer we took a short timeout from...
Who is Stark Insider? With Loni Stark.

2017 Short Film Collection: Who is Stark Insider?

Kicking off the first ever collection of Stark Insider short films.

Mill Valley Film Festival: Past. Present. Future. (Video)

This week we kick off our coverage of the Mill Valley Film Festival. Those that have followed Stark Insider over the years may already know we've been covering MVFF since 2010. Since that time we've captured many memorable moments on video. And been fortunate to meet many interesting and...