The Graduate - Alexander Valley Film Society

Alexander Valley Film Society adapts festival as fundraiser for devastated Sonoma County

100% of the proceeds will go directly to fire relief and recovery via the Community Foundation of Sonoma County’s Resilience Fund.
Loni Stark at Pebble Beach Food & Wine

Study reveals more health benefits to drinking wine

Researchers have discovered something you may be very happy to hear about: drinking wine may have have positive impacts on your health. Previous studies has indicated that wine could reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Now there's more to add to the story. From Wine Spectator: "A number of...
City Lights, subtitled A Comedy Romance in Pantomime, is generally viewed as Charlie Chaplin’s finest film

In Wine Country: Charlie Chaplin’s ‘City Lights’ with live orchestra at Gundlach Bundschu Winery

Sonoma County Philharmonic to perform the original orchestral score, composed by Chaplin himself, in an outdoor evening screening.

The Sonoma Artist That Everyone Knows: Bradford Brenner (Video)

Art is a bridge. In this Stark Insider video, The Art of Bradford Brenner, Loni Stark heads to Healdsburg, California to discover the art of an impressionist painter everyone is talking about. Bradford Brenner. Chances are if you live in Healdsburg you know the name. Very well. I first met the...
The Groove is Not Trivial - Mill Valley Film Festival

5 MVFF films with a connection to wine country

Being a fan of wine country, and all the interesting personalities that call the place home (and work), every year I like to skim the catalog and see if any films are about wine itself, are shot on location in the area, or have a filmmaker connection.

Coffee Lane: A Peanuts tribute by Clint & Loni Stark (Video)

"Studies show it's important to stay young at heart." What better way to exercise that theory than to pay homage to the most famous -- and cutest -- football joke of all time. Will sneaky Lucy ever hold the football for poor Charlie Brown? As some of our Stark Insider readers...
Loni Stark - Sonoma Wine Country Weekendvideo

Stark Insider Hit List: Sonoma Wine Country Weekend

Sonoma Wine Country Weekend is almost here. And that can only mean one thing: it's time to whip out a wine glass (or two), head up/over/down/across to Sonoma County, and enjoy the dog days of summer in some of the most gorgeous surroundings you can imagine. SWCW features all sorts of...

Coppola’s classic movie wine labels – kitsch or cool?

Coppola Winery revealed three new wine labels today. Granted, not especially remarkable news. This happens all the time. Wineries partner with an artist and produce something intriguing, something artful and colorful designed to grab our attention. But what made this email stand-out from the pack is that the labels feature...
State of the Wine Industry Report 2016

Trendspotting: Wine consumption to decline after decades of growth (Report)

Silicon Valley Bank predicts per capita wine consumption will fall in 2016 in part due to Millennials who often chose craft spirits or beer over wine.
Best Wine - Google Trends results

Trendspotting: “Best Wine” top Google search term in wine category

Forget about skunk juice. When it comes to wine, consumers only want to know about the best.