Pebble Time vs Pebble Time 2 bezel size

Wearables Report: Was Pebble’s $12.8 million Kickstarter campaign a success?

Perspective, it's an an interesting thing. By all accounts Pebble's third Kickstarter campaign -- for two updated Pebble smartwatches and an Android-powered fitness tracker aimed at runners -- is a smashing success: 66,673 backers $12,779,843 pledged Not too shabby. In fact the result ranks it as third highest ever Kickstarter. As a long-time Pebble...
HTC Google T1 Phone - 2008

Homegrown phone – Is Google aiming to be more like Apple?

Being open is both a blessing and a curse. One the plus side, others can run hog wild. In the case of Google's Android operating system that means manufacturers can build handsets to their heart's content. Large. Small. Cheap. Premium. They can run near stock Android (Moto X Pure) or come...
Android Wear 2.0 Preview & Thoughts

Android Wear 2.0 UI a mixed bag — thoughts on Google’s upcoming update

Google is putting the finishing touches on its first major update to Android Wear, the smartwatch operating system that debuted over two years ago. Wear 2.0 is expected to ship later this year, and, along with it, I'm expecting will see a bevy of new watches running it. There's a...
Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2 Q&A

Pebble 2 Q&A: Top 10 questions about Pebble’s next-gen smartwatches answered

Pebble is pouring it on today. First, the big announcement this morning. The Redwood City start-up unveiled three new wearables. Follow-ups to the original Pebbles, called the Pebble 2 ($99 USD via Kickstarter) and Pebble Time 2 ($179), and, perhaps most interestingly, a screen-less fitness tracker called Pebble Core ($69). The...
New Pebble Time 2 Smartwatch

Pebble intros 3 new wearables, launches Kickstarter, prices start at $69

"Hey gang, it's time to write the next chapter in wearables." Pebble continues to out-innovate its rivals. It's much larger rivals; the Apples, Googles, and Samsungs. Take heed, today the Redwood City-based (so long expensive Palo Alto office) start-up announced not one, not two, but three -- count 'em -- new...

Wear 2.0: Google’s smartwatch OS gets much-needed reboot

"Our biggest platform update yet." Well, how's that for amazing response time?! Yesterday, I lamented the need for a reboot of Google's smartwatch operating system Wear. And Apple's WatchOS. And Samsung's Tizen. And... on and on. Save for Pebble's OS. That one's a keeper, even if the company's long-term viability is a...
Wearable Vendors - IDC Report 2016

Trendspotting: Will slow smartwatch sales lead to inventory dumping?

Some are saying smartwatch sales, and the overall wearable market, have grown at a decent clip over the past twelve months. Fitbit reported 25% year-over-year growth. Xiaomi (a surprise to be sure) at 41%. Garmin 27%. Overall, shipments increased about 67% y/y. I'm admittedly a smartwatch nerd (ask my wife). But at...
Samsung "Unpacked" Galaxy S7/S7 Edge Presentation at MWC

3 Takeaways from Samsung’s Galaxy S7 smartphone presentation at MWC

Smartphones are now about incrementalism. Will VR become tech's new Wow factor?
Huawei Watch - 2015 Sales

Android Wear has surprise leader according to latest smartwatch report

The top maker of Android Wear watches is not Motorola, LG, Fossil or even discount player Asus...
Fossil Q Founder - Android Wear smartwatch

Fossil gets it right, prices debut smartwatches and fitness trackers from $125

When it comes to smartwatches, at least as it stands here in 2015, there are two schools of thought. On the premium side, you have makers like Apple, and Huawei -- those targeting the fashionistas. They suspect their buyers value luxury when it comes to timepieces, and will pay $350 or...