Ray of Light Theatre

Sex and Dinos and Rock & Roll: Triassic Parq

Warning: Triassic Parq at Ray of Light Theatre is like certain psychedelics. You'll end up loving everyone - and yourself - a little bit more.

San Francisco Weekend: BottleRock Napa, Pen/Man/Ship, Star Chefs Gala, Triassic Parq

On the Stark Insider radar: some interesting plays, a music and wine festival, and a gala that lights up the city with generosity each year.

‘Sweeney Todd’ – The Devil’s in the Details

Ray of Light Theatre’s magnificent current treatment eschews any fancy staging or overblown production values and adroitly places the emphasis upon strong acting and skilled vocalizations.

San Francisco Theater: ‘Sweeney Todd’ and the Eureka’s demon acoustics

During intermission, the audience fell into two camps – those who insisted that the sound issues were due to the musicians playing too loudly, and those who opined that the acoustics were to blame.

Bay Area Stage: ‘Sweeney Todd’ in San Francisco

Stephen Sondheim’s award-winning musical thriller Sweeney Todd opens in San Francisco this weekend, on Friday the 13th.

‘The Full Monty’ – An exposé of male folly

But, as the story progresses, the male ability to adapt and overcome adversity through bonding and team effort is given the recognition it’s due – and even celebrated.