Gen 3 Fossil Q Control smartwatch - But what about Android Wear?

Fossil has new smartwatch, but is Google’s Android Wear holding its end of the bargain?

Fossil today released yet another smartwatch. Per The Verge it runs Android Wear 2.0, has a 45mm, water resistant circular case, touch-sensitive bezel, and costs $275 (USD). It's called the Fossil Q Control, is a 3rd gen iteration, and is available from their web site -- I don't yet...
Fitbit Ionic: Will consumers choose it over an Apple Watch?

Fitbit tests premium wearable pricing with $300 Ionic smartwatch

Apple charges premium prices for its smartwatches. Can Fitbit?
Fitbit Smartwatch 2017

Design of new Fitbit smartwatch not exactly Ive-y league

Photos of an upcoming Fitbit smartwatch have hit the internet. And, first reaction: not so good. The display itself does look good, so far as I can tell, but the rest appears to be an engineering-centric aesthetic, mostly devoid of any fashion sense. Meanwhile, the Fitbit logo sits proudly and...
Apple Watch: Tips for better battery life

How To: Solution for Apple Watch battery drain

First, the good: The Apple Watch has one of the best rated batteries going. As far as smartwatches goes it handily beats most (but not all) of what Android Wear has to offer. Pebble owners, though, know that theirs is still tops when it comes to not needing a charge...

Cure for Android Wear 2.0 delay(s)? Apple Watch

Apple Watch. Question: What is the best alternative for a former Pebble smartwatch owner? It's not the answer I was expecting. But, indeed, after finally relenting, and trying out an Apple Watch for a few weeks, this former Pebbler believes it to be the best available option on the market today....
Pebble 2 Smartwatch - Fitbit Acquires Pebble, doubles down on smartwatch market

Fitibit struggles, but offers glimmer of hope for Pebble smartwatch loyalists

It was the best of times, it was the worst of... Ah, the never-ending quest to validate something known as the smartwatch market. That, and the broader wearables category, were among tech's biggest letdowns of 2016. At least by analyst forecasts. What happened? Smartwatches and sensors on clothes and fitness trackers...
Amazfit Smartwatch for Android and iOS Devices

Pebble is Dead: 5 smartwatches you should buy instead

Pebble is dead! Long live Pebble! Everybody's favorite underdog wearable startup is no longer. Pebble has officially been acquired by San Francisco-based fitness tracker Fitbit. Say it ain't so. Oh, it be so. We know the deal is worth about $40 million. Those that backed Pebble on Kickstarter for its new models...
Pebble 2 Smartwatch Review - Screen comparison Pebble Time

Is the Pebble smartwatch a goner? All eyes on Fitbit… (Update: Yes, it’s over/refunds issued)

Update 12.13.2016: Kickstarter email notified me today that a refund has been issued. This past summer I backed the Pebble 2 and Time 2 for $289. I did receive the Pebble 2 (which I quite like). The refund was for the Pebble Time 2 which will sadly never see...
5 Reasons Why the Smartwatch Market Tanked

5 reasons why the smartwatch market took a dramatic nosedive

It was the next big thing. Until it became a boring party trick.
Pebble 2 Smartwatch Review

Pebble 2 Review – The smartwatch perfected

The Pebble 2 represents a philosophy that eschews bling in favor of a delightful customer experience. And it works tremendously well.