Canon EOS 80D Unboxing

Canon EOS 80D video shoot tests and resource guide

The big news out of Canon when it comes to its mid-range DSLR line-up is the brand new EOS 80D. The follow-up to the 70D has been a long time coming, as its predecessor first hit the market in 2013. Three years is an eternity by modern camera manufacturing...
Best Mirrorless Cameras for about $600

Top 3: Best Mid-Range Mirrorless Cameras (But Don’t Ditch Your DSLR)

Mirrorless cameras are the it thing in the world of photography (and videography too). Lightweight, and generally easy to use, these relatively small cameras are a dream come true for those that would rather not lug around boatloadsĀ of bulky old-school DSLR gear. In fact, after spending a few weeks...