Mill Valley Film Festival (MVFF)

San Francisco Culture
BY | 09.30.14

Stark Insider is headed on location Oct. 2 through 12 for the annual Mill Valley Film Festival. Hillary Swank scheduled to attend opening night.

San Francisco Film
BY | 09.12.14

MVFF: What to expect at one of the year’s most anticipated non-competitive film festivals.

Independent Cinema
BY | 09.09.14

Writer-director Tommy Lee Jones brings anti-western, ‘The Homesman’, to 37th edition of the Mill Valley Film Festival (MVFF). Hillary Swank to attend.

Arts & Culture
BY | 08.15.14

An early look at what to expect at the Mill Valley Film Festival, including 3 world cinema entries, and video previews.

San Francisco
BY | 08.12.14

Video of Robin Williams mingling with stars, fans and media alike at the 2011 Mill Valley Film Festival. No one escapes his charm and humility.

Indie Film
BY | 02.26.14 VIDEO

Indeed this is war. What do you do when you’re sued for $30 million by your record label? If you’re Jared Leto, you rock!

California Wine
BY | 02.06.14

As we’re wont to say when nursing a two-buck Chuck in our Dixie cups with pinky finger extended James Lipton style: This terroir speaks to me.

In 'Odd Brodsky' Audrey (Tegan Ashton Cohan) turns her life into a reality show with help from Camera One (Matthew Kevin Anderson).
Indie Cinema
BY | 01.06.14

In some ways Odd Brodsky is like a Walter Mitty for women. Ben Stiller’s Icelandic adventure was also about overcoming one’s awkwardness to chase big dreams.

Pianist of Willesden Lane, Berkeley Repertory Theatre
Bay Area Stage
BY | 11.01.13

In the face of untold atrocities, our only respite is that of the unbreakable: family, dreams, conviction. And… music.

Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey form an unlikely bond in Dallas Buyers Club.
Independent Film
BY | 10.15.13

Mill Valley Film Festival Wrap: 12 Years a Slave, Book Thief, Dallas Buyers Club were among the films that received top marks from audiences at the 36th edition of the fest.