Mill Valley Film Festival (MVFF)

Indie Film
BY | 02.26.14 VIDEO

Indeed this is war. What do you do when you’re sued for $30 million by your record label? If you’re Jared Leto, you rock!

California Wine
BY | 02.06.14

As we’re wont to say when nursing a two-buck Chuck in our Dixie cups with pinky finger extended James Lipton style: This terroir speaks to me.

In 'Odd Brodsky' Audrey (Tegan Ashton Cohan) turns her life into a reality show with help from Camera One (Matthew Kevin Anderson).
Indie Cinema
BY | 01.06.14

In some ways Odd Brodsky is like a Walter Mitty for women. Ben Stiller’s Icelandic adventure was also about overcoming one’s awkwardness to chase big dreams.

Pianist of Willesden Lane, Berkeley Repertory Theatre
Bay Area Stage
BY | 11.01.13

In the face of untold atrocities, our only respite is that of the unbreakable: family, dreams, conviction. And… music.

Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey form an unlikely bond in Dallas Buyers Club.
Independent Film
BY | 10.15.13

Mill Valley Film Festival Wrap: 12 Years a Slave, Book Thief, Dallas Buyers Club were among the films that received top marks from audiences at the 36th edition of the fest.

Ben Stiller Interview, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Stark Insider
BY | 10.14.13 VIDEO

Ben Stiller talks about zoning out and his secret Walter Mitty moment at Mill Valley Film Festival.

A Brush With the Tenderloin
Indie Film
BY | 10.12.13 VIDEO

“It gives you a slice of life of the Tenderloin,” says Bierma, “You get a chance to meet some of the residents.” The short premiered at the Mill Valley Film Festival in 2011.

Indie Film
BY | 10.11.13

Stark Insider was on location at the Mill Valley Film Festival and shot Jared Leto’s appearance, which included a red carpet arrival, and Q&A after the screening of Dallas Buyers Club.

The Year and the Vineyard
Independent Film
BY | 10.10.13

Here’s a wine movie that eschews the literal, and embraces whimsical to tell a magical story of a mysterious man who falls from the sky into a vineyard.

Creative Process
BY | 10.10.13 VIDEO

Director Jonathan Cenzual Burley (The Year and the Vineyard) sits down with Stark Insider to talk about filmmaking, surviving with zero budget, directing.