Loreto Live TV

Loreto Live TV: Special Glee dancing edition It's true. When you're in Loreto it's hard not to dance, and celebrate. Good weather. Wonderful people. Fun shops. And, as Loni will attest, world-class Tortilla soup. In this episode of Loreto Live TV, we head downtown for some relaxed shopping. During the trip we chat with some of...

Loreto Live TV: Property Management for Baja vacation homes

One of the challenges of owning a vacation property is maintaining or renting it when you're not enjoying a getaway. That can be even more true when it's located in Baja, California with its rugged weather and terrain. Loni, on her last trip to Loreto, sat down with Rodolfo, one...

Loreto Live TV: House of the Blue Lizard After almost 4 years, we finally inaugurated our Loreto Bay home. Nothing fancy as you'll see here, just a simple memento now hanging in the kitchen to mark the occasion, thanks to Conchita's downtown Loreto. Note the echo in the video. That would be a casa sans furniture. There's always...

Loreto Live TV: Loni visits el Cafe de Lolita for a delicious meal Cafe de Lolita has quickly become the go-to place for fresh sandwiches and salads in Loreto. And no wonder, the bread is made fresh on location every morning, as are the pastries. Located off the Malecon, tucked in just behind Islas, you'll find a wonderful, bright outdoor courtyard full...

Under the Baja Sun: Loreto Farmer’s Market Astonishing visuals are the norm in Loreto, Baja California Sur. Crystal blue waters of the Sea of Cortez. Dry desert land with a stray cactus here and there. The locals going about their business, ready smile. But the farmer's market (aka people flocking to fruit) really stretches the imagination;...

Loreto Live TV: Interview with Mayor Yuan Yee – Part 2

Here is the 2nd part of our discussion with Loreto Mayor Yuan Yee.

Loreto TV: Interview with Loreto Presidente Yuan Yee

Loni sits down for an in-depth discussion with Loreto mayor Yuan Yee.

Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico: Internado School (Video)

Thank you to everyone who supported the Internado School with a 2010 Loreto Calendar purchase.

Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico: Farmer’s Market (Video)

Sunday morning in Loreto, off to the Farmer's market to enjoy fresh fruit, and friendly people. All in the middle of the Baja desert!

Gone in 60 Seconds: A Loreto, Baja adventure

7 days. In 60 seconds.