Hillbarn Theatre

Something different on ‘The 39 Steps’

The killer comedic timing of Neuenfeldt, Ward, and Noble keeps this fast-paced spy thriller, which serves more as a Brit equivalent to Get Smart!, than an alternate take on the Hitchcock original, moving forward.

‘Ragtime’ – An uncompromising, lavish production

Director Lee Foster, undaunted by the limited confines of a small thrust stage, has produced a triumphant musical experience that is both visionary in scope and a master class in imaginative theatrical staging.

‘The Producers’ at Hillbarn a winner

Perhaps the greatest compliment one can give this production of the Tony Award-winning musical is that one forgets that it's “community theatre."
The Will Rogers Follies

Theater Review: ‘The Will Rogers Follies’ – An old-fashioned song and dance extravaganza

But the piece de resistance is a massive, multi-tiered staircase, with each step colorfully illuminated from underneath. It’s placed center stage and climbs virtually to the ceiling in grand Ziegfeld fashion – bravo!
Real life meets "reel" life as author Stine's (David Martin - seated) character detective Stone (David Sattler - standing) comes alive as they make a movie version of his novel.

Double Trouble in the ‘City of Angels’

This play offered up that rarity of rarities, a second act that was stronger than the first.
Drowsy Chaperone

Review: ‘Drowsy Chaperone’ energizes audience

If an overweight, overwrought, middle-aged, whiny nebbish can be an oracle, Lopez has it down as he expounds at length on the action on the other side of the stage.
Womanizer Mr Malcomb (left to right - Rich Dymer) has a good time with Mrs. Shankland (Nicole Martin) while his girlfriend Miss Cooper (Ruth Sieber) looks on in Hillbarn Theatre's Separate Tables.

Separate Tables opens at the Hillbarn

Hillbarn Director Hunt Burdick stood this piece on its head by heightening the action so that it plays as over-the-top British humor instead of high drama.
Dial M for Murder - Hillbarn Theatre

Theater Review: ‘Dial M for Murder’

One of my worries is that kids today aren’t getting enough Hitchcock.
Whatever you do..don't answer the phone! The cast of Hillbarn Theatre's Dial M for Murder includes (from left to right) Fred Pitts (Max Halliday), Steve Schwartz Inspector Hubbard), Kelly Rinehart (Margot Wendice), Frederick Goris (Tony Wendice) , and Max Reinhardt (policeman Thompson).

Classic Hitchcock thriller ‘Dial M for Murder’ arrives for Halloween

Tony arranges what he thinks is the perfect murder…or is it?
Chicago, Hillbarn Theatre

Theatre Review: ‘Chicago’

Fosse, Fosse, Fosse… Will we ever get over him? And why would we possibly want to? How did one name become so synonymous with a quality of movement? Having grown up where learning to do the turned-in knees and perfectly articulated elbows was almost a rite...