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Soft Power Theater Review - The Curran, San Francisco

The progressive dream of ‘Soft Power’

On November 29, 2015, the “most famous American Chinese playwright” was stabbed in the neck. That’s David Henry Hwang the real, award-winning playwright, and also David Henry Hwang the character in his own play Soft Power (currently at the SF Curran), and also David Henry Hwang the character in the...
The Encounter - Curran Review

An intimate and incredible Encounter

The first minutes of The Encounter (currently at the Curran) are a mix between technological witchcraft and light hypnosis. After a brief introduction about the nature of fact and fiction, you put on your headphones as instructed. Then things get weird. Actor Simon McBurney claims to be “in the...
Fun Home Musical Review - San Francisco Curran

A powerful ‘Fun Home’, and a new theatrical home for San Francisco

Fun Home doesn’t need my praise. The show, by Jeanine Tesori (music) and Lisa Kron (lyrics and book) won rave reviews and the 2015 Best Musical Tony Award for its Broadway run. But I can’t restrain myself: go, go, go see this! I laughed, I teared up, I sunk...

Still loving Lucy (Review)

Unlike the sitcom Ricky, Losada leads a real band and sings on stage, with a rich tenor that just might make you swoon.

San Francisco: ‘Buyer & Cellar’ a delicious romp (Review)

These old timey shoppes are taken straight out of Streisand’s 2010 book "My Passion for Design", which one imagines the diva dictating and photographing while in an extremis Martha Stewart moment.

Review: ‘War Horse’ at the SHN Curran commands breathless attention

While the show is smart enough to throw in bits of comedy, be it an insouciant toss of a tail, or fat, self-important geese waddling into stage center, you hope against hope for the unlikely happy ending, weighing the grimness of World War I, against the need for resolution.

San Francisco try-out of new musical ‘Diner’ postponed

Instead Diner the musical, which was scheduled to run this fall at the SHN Curran Theatre, will "retool" for a Broadway run in a more "intimate venue."
Kathleen Turner

Review: ‘High’ starring Kathleen Turner

The deep exploration of the necessity for forgiveness, and how forgiveness itself redeems is a central axis of this work. However, this approach is not sufficient to redeem the play itself.