Canon EOS Rebel T2i

Clint’s Top 10 DSLR Accessories

Here's 10 tried and true DSLR accessories. Whether you're a casual photog, or serious videographer, be sure to check-out Clint's list of must-have kit.

DSLR Dilemma: Canon Rebel T4i or EOS 60D?

For many, the T4i is clearly the better choice. And it's $100 less expensive to boot!
DSLR Video

DSLR Filmmaking: 3 Tips for Shooting Better Video

Audio is just as important as the footage. So at minimum buy a Rode Videomic (I have one on my Canon EOS 60D about 95% of the time), or if your budget allows, step up to the Rode NTG-1.
DSLR photos

Revealed: Canon EOS 5D Mark III (photos)

The 5D Mark III specs are almost -- almost -- enough to make me stand next to the Grape Crusher in Napa and scream out, "Epic who?!"
Adobe Lightroom 4

Hands-on: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Beta (looking good!)

The results I've been able to achieve with Lightroom 4 in just a few weeks of casual testing have, for lack of a better expression, blown me away. Granted, I'm not looking to land the next American Photo or Life magazine cover.
San Quentin State Prison

Gift Ideas: Top 10 DSLR Accessories

I love my EOS 60D, but the T3i and T2i use the same sensor, and can be had for a song. For example, you can get the T3i plus kit lens for only $712. That, my friends, is insanity. Revel while you can.
Jawbone "Up" - the movie was better.

Stark Tech Now: Jawbone Up, GH2 vs. 60D, Asus Transformer Prime, Android spyware

This holiday season expect the Amazon Kindle Fire, the iPad 2, and even some of the more popular, well-priced Android tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 to go gang-busters at the (virtual) cash register.
Farmers Market - Loreto, Baja California Sur

From the Field: Canon T2i shots from Loreto, Baja

Even with the Canon EOS Rebel T3i and EOS 60D now on the market, the T2i continues to impress--and I whole-heartedly recommend it to those looking to get into DSLR. I took it down to the Baja for a few weeks and shot over 1,000 photos.
Canon EOS Rebel T2i

Black Friday Deals and Tips: DSLR Camera gear

If you like to shoot video, the Canon EOS T2i is a great pick; I especially like its 24fps mode, and ability to easily mount shotgun mics.
Zoom H4n

Secondary audio options for DSLR and Canon T2i – Zoom, Tascam, Rode

One thing I know with the Canon T2i (and T3i, 60D...) is that on-board camera audio is a non-starter for all but the most casual of applications. Just don't do it - fine for reference audio for syncing later, but for anything else external audio is a must.