Baja California Sur


Time to migrate

Steering clear of the transition zone, that place of limbo. I’ve got one foot on either side, and a big sea in between.
Somewhere on the Pacific Ocean off the Baja coast...

Whale watching – special Baja waiting edition

Yes, we're on the Pacific. It looks just like a typical SF day.
Roger Moore style

Private jet crashes in Loreto

Only in the Sea of Cortez can you crash and still look remarkably cool -- in a James Bond, Spy Who Loved Me kind of way.
Sea of Cortez Loreto - Fish

Hook Line ‘N Sinker: Real women fish

Cast your line. Engage your patience. Imagine.
Starting in Tecate, Mike Younghusband and his burro Don-Kay walked 1,147 miles down the Baja Peninsula.

Man walks 1,147 miles down the Baja Peninsula, loses 41 pounds

Mike Younghusband said he wanted to let Americans and other people know that the Baja is really safe.
Mary Rose

Scorpion Bay – Episode 8 “Sunken Ships”

"The Titanic. That's for movies and disaster tourists." he said with a chuckle just as we reached the end of the line.
Farmers Market Loreto, Baja California Sur

Tribute to the Papaya Gods

This time I wanted to focus less on the fruit, and more on the people. Here's my attempt to let the faces tell the stories.
Women of Loreto

The women I met in Loreto

Over the days I've met many fantastic chicas; around town, strolling the Malecon, in the art shops (a real hot spot), in restaurants, and, even in a touristy souvenir shop.
Loreto nursery

Loreto Baja Day 6 – Moons and plants

Some days in Loreto are about working a to-do list of little projects here and there around the casa.
Whales: Where are you?

Loreto BCS Day 5 – Whale of an economy

So I had to go looking for jumper cables. In Ottawa, my hometown, this would be easy-peasy. Here, next to this Taco oasis by the Pacific Ocean, not so much.