What is is about comedians and cars? Both Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld land Emmy nods for their web shows.

In Tech

Windows to become one platform. New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has wasted little time in making sweeping changes; all the while, it is clear that this is his company.

Indie Film
BY | 07.16.14

Jonathan Glazer’s sci-fi indie ‘Under the Skin’, no question, is an artsy take on the sci-fi genre. In a world of effects-laden Michael Bay blockbusters, it’s a welcome relief. It’s also an instant classic.

Dissing the dinosaur
BY | 07.15.14

This script is so strong, in part, because the playwright avoids the prescriptive; instead, he provides four rich characters with whom you genuinely want to spend time.

Silicon Valley
BY | 07.14.14

If Apple can’t deliver a large 5.5-inch iPhone before the holiday season it could be, if not a big blow, at least a crimp in Q4 sales.

Wine Country
BY | 07.09.14 VIDEO

Classical rockstar Joshua Bell kicks off opening night this Friday when he performs Vivaldi’s Four Seasons at the spectacular Castello di Amorosa in Calistoga.

BY | 07.03.14

Songza ($15 million) vs Beats ($3 billion). Google continues to make smaller acquisitions. With music streaming service Songza, Google buys a company known for hand curated playlists. Customers are loyal. Will they buy-in to Google’s new vision?

Theater & Arts
BY | 06.30.14

Lizzie is like Downton Abbey, Carrie and American Idiot, mashed up. It’s the kind of musical that Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick might have collaborated on. The all-female cast performances are bloody unforgettable.

BY | 06.27.14

Pebble was one of the first to market. Now, Google is arming large competitors such as Samsung, LG and Motorola with Android Wear. Can a small start-up survive?

Google I/O
BY | 06.25.14

Android Auto heavily leverages voice recognition. You can send messages, navigate to places, and make calls – all hands-free.