Stark Insider is headed on location Oct. 2 through 12 for the annual Mill Valley Film Festival. Hillary Swank scheduled to attend opening night.

Silicon Valley
Clinton Stark

Windows 10 revealed in San Francisco. The Start Menu returns. The Start Screen gets a makeover. And user interface adjustments should make Windows more touch friendly.

San Francisco Arts
BY | 09.29.14

A new play starring … corporate consultants? Can it possibly work? A resounding yes and yes.

West Coast Travel
BY | 09.29.14 VIDEO

Join Loni Stark as she soars along the California coast in the tandem hang gliding experience of a lifetime.

White Wine Glass
Food & Wine
BY | 09.25.14

Eric Asimov of the NYT coddles those venturing into wine.

BY | 09.23.14

CEO John Chen simplifies and focuses on the company’s enterprise roots. Will the new BlackBerry Passport smartphone find a niche with the faithful?

BY | 09.22.14

Google looks to re-energize tablet sales by turning to design ace HTC. But will larger phones conspire to reduce our need for tablets?

Samsung Galaxy Nexus (2011) on left with Motorola Droid (OG Droid, 2009).
BY | 09.18.14

Verizon and Motorola Mobility are expected to release a new Droid phone this October. But will the five year old Droid brand still appeal to consumers?

BY | 09.16.14

Here’s a low cost way to jump into the wearables game.

Mobile Gear
BY | 09.15.14

Ogio. Reportedly here to protect and serve your legions of mobile gadgets.