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Iceland Ice Cave Tourvideo

Stark Insider On Location: Ice Caves in Iceland (Video)

Loni Stark and I are still on location, shooting the third in a "trilogy" of travel videos for Stark Insider. 3 Days in Sonoma. 3 Days in Paris. And... 3 Days in Iceland. Iceland is that mysterious island up north. A lot of us know it only from the board...

3 Days in Paris – “Rue Lebon” (Video)

We're on location in Paris. Have camera will travel. This is the second stop in what will hopefully become a "trilogy" (used loosely) of videos. 3 Days in Sonoma. Now 3 Days in Paris. And next, 3 Days in... ? I haven't been to Paris since 2003, when I used...
Making Croissants in Paris

Wanderlust: Making croissants in Paris (Video)

Loni and I are on location in Paris, taking in the City of Lights during the offseason. Winter, though, doesn't seem to discourage tourists, foodies or lovers of all things art. I was surprised at the (massive) lineups at the Louvre. As light rain came down, hundreds flocked to a line...
The Louvre Gallery, Paris

Stark Insider Wanderlust: 3 Days in Paris (Photos)

Paris? In winter? Why not?! It may not be peak season, but the city of lights is as beautiful as ever. There's something about the clouds and rain that lends itself well to evoking, call it, a lovely melancholy. Or something like that. However you look at it, Paris is so undeniably...

Stark Insider Wanderlust: 3 Days in Sonoma (Video)

All she wanted to do was explore wine country. And then he showed up, with a camera, wig, and a storyboard.

Hedonistic Hiking in Tuscany: Chianti, Cooking and… Castles

An unforgettable culinary walking tour.

Smash or Trash? New Blade Runner 2049 trailer is here

"Replicants are like any other machine. They're either a benefit or a hazard. If they're a benefit it's not my problem." Don't mess with a good thing. That's the thinking among a lot of us hardcore Blade Runner fans. Ridley Scott's often misunderstood classic from 1982 has aged like a fine...
Loni Stark - Love You All

Happens only once

This one is it. You are confronted with yourself. Each year The pouches fill, the skin is uglier. You give it all unflinchingly. You stare Into yourself, beyond. Your brush's care Runs with self-knowledge. Here is a humility at one with craft. There is no arrogance. Pride is apart From this self-scrutiny. You make light drift The way...
A Christmas Carol - Review - A.C.T. San Francisco

Must-See Theater: ‘A Christmas Carol’ at A.C.T. (Review)

Of all the Christmas pageants performed in the Bay Area during the holiday season, A.C.T.’s annual offering of A Christmas Carol has evolved into a must-see event, required viewing for the entire family. Some have called Charles Dickens “the man who invented Christmas.” After experiencing his novella adapted for...