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Backstage Video: Touring LUZIA by Cirque du Soleil (Now in Boston)

A Waking Dream of Mexico. It's called Luzia -- in Spanish, "light" and "rain". Cirque du Soleil's spectacular show is now touring the country, and in this video Stark Insider goes backstage under the Big Top to learn about the magic behind-the-scenes. Once again, there's plenty of acrobatics, incredible soaring stunts,...
Soft Power Theater Review - The Curran, San Francisco

The progressive dream of ‘Soft Power’

On November 29, 2015, the “most famous American Chinese playwright” was stabbed in the neck. That’s David Henry Hwang the real, award-winning playwright, and also David Henry Hwang the character in his own play Soft Power (currently at the SF Curran), and also David Henry Hwang the character in the...
Wild at Heart (David Lynch) screening

Francis Ford Coppola, Amber Tamblyn to headline David Lynch’s 2018 Festival of Disruption in Los Angeles

It's happening again. David Lynch has revealed the lineup for the next Festival of Disruption. Read on for the details here on Stark Insider. And don't forget: keep your eye on the donut not on the hole. Famed filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola and actress Amber Tamblyn are among those appearing on...
Quixote Nuevo - Cal Shakes Review by Ilana Walder Biesanz

Don Quixote rides (a tricycle) again at Cal Shakes

His quest is pointless, and often destructive. But he is fiercely loved by his family, neighbors, former students, and squire. May we all be so blessed.
Tuck & Patti - San Francisco Jazz Festival Review

36th Annual San Francisco Jazz Festival in Full Swing: Tuck & Patti (Review)

The repertoire of Tuck and Patti deftly illustrates the purpose of this venue — bring people together across the Americas to celebrate music, love and life.
Loni Stark in Destination Unknown - Stark Insider

Destination Unknown

By and by Man will try To get out into the sky, Sailing far beyond the air From Down and Here to Up and There. Stars and sky, sky and stars Make us feel the prison bars. Suppose it done. Now we ride Closed in steel, up there, outside Through our port-holes see the vast Heaven-scape go rushing past. Shall...

Top 10 interesting things about new trailer for ‘Suspiria’ remake

The Suspiria remake is on the way. And today Amazon Studios has finally released a teaser trailer. See below for 90 seconds of delightful weirdness, moodiness and creepiness. Bring it! Suspiria (2018) is scheduled to hit theaters November 2. Jump down to see 10 things I noted about the...
Dakota Johnson stars in SUSPIRIA Photo: Sandro Kopp/Amazon Studios

What to make of ‘Suspiria’ remake? First stills from Amazon Studios offer potential clues

What to make of the upcoming (November 2, 2018) Suspiria remake? Well, I guess you can at least be thankful it's not another overblown Hollywood blockbuster super hero movie. Then again, it is traversing hallowed ground. Though I'm intrigued by the prospect of a modernized version of Dario Argento's seminal...
Festival of Disruption by David Lynchvideo

The David Lynch ‘Festival of Disruption’ Experience (Stark Insider Video)

A new Stark Insider video is here! Filmmaker David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive, The Elephant Man) hosts a bi-annual arts & music fest held in Los Angeles (October) and Brooklyn (May) each year called Festival of Disruption. NEW: Watch Stark Insider on Amazon Prime Lynch curates the line-up himself which features...