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Amargosa: Strength of creative spirit amidst the desert

Amargosa is a documentary about the life and passions of Marta Becket, a dancer and artist who decided to move from the bustle of New York to the remote ghost town of Death Valley Junction, California and set up a theater house. The opening narration and dramatic panoramic shots reminded...

In Review: ‘Crazy Like a Fox’ cunningly wins you over

'Crazy Like a Fox' is a beautifully shot film about Nat Banks (Roger Rees), an 8th generation owner of a family farm, Greenwood, who has hit financial hard times. The movie doesn't go into much detail as to how he and wife Amy Banks (Mary McDonnell) ended up in such...
Cinequest at Eulipia

Cinequest announces Cinequest Maverick Studio

Cinequest co-founder Halfdan Hussey noted that the productions will be "HBO-quality" and feature stars such as Scarlett Johansson.

Soon-to-be parents look for home in ‘Away We Go’, find laughs, hippies, destiny

It's hard to watch Maya Rudolph (Verona De Tessant) in a movie and not laugh. Her face reminds me of so many Saturday Night Live skits; usually unfunny ones, with her somehow managing to creatively eake out laughs. Ditto with John Krasinski (Burt Farlander). How can you not immediately think...

Movie review: Bottle Shock (2008) proves wine alone does not make for great spectacle

As much as I love wine, it alone cannot carry a movie. Where Sideways succeeds, Bottle Shock fails. The difference? The former is about two guys dealing with mid-life crises with wine as a backdrop. Bottle Shock is just about wine, and it turns out to be a boring...

Film review: ‘The Last Lullaby’ delivers — Director Jeffrey Goodman one to watch

"Movies today are getting louder, and faster. At some point, it will become illogical." Thankfully this gem of an Indie movie is not one of them.

Movie Review: ‘Angels & Demons’, San Francisco preview with Quintessa wines

Angels & Demons opens on Friday, May 15, but for a few lucky people around the US a special preview screening was held tonight, May 14 to accompany the release of Quintessa's 2008 Illumination and 2006 Faust. The preview screening of Angels & Demons in San Francisco was held at...

Week in review: Happy dancing, Cinequest Film Festival and Loreto

We can't help but smile everytime we watch the Loreto Happy Dance video produced by Jane Lurie. How can you not enjoy watching the jubilation of so many across the scenic landscape of Loreto? As I write this week in review in the LAX Alaska Lounge I still feel the same...

Kevin Pollack brings a few good laughs (and impressions) to Cinequest

Pollack mentioned he joined Twitter only 16 days ago, and already has over 80,000 followers. (video after the break)

Cinequest Film Festival: ‘The Least Among You’ screening and maverick spirit award for Louis Gossett Jr.

The Cinequest Film Festival, now in its 19th year, is in full swing, and last night Loni and I had the pleasure to attend a special screening of Louis Gossett Jr's latest film.