Jonathan Glazer's sci-fi indie 'Under the Skin', no question, is an artsy take on the sci-fi genre. In a world of effects-laden Michael Bay blockbusters, it's a welcome relief. It's also an instant classic.

Scene in San Francisco, post SFIFF screening of Gia Coppola's PALO ALTO.

'Palo Alto', the film, offers a (significantly) different perspective on life here in Silicon Valley, then, say, the HBO satire 'Silicon Valley'.
Jared Leto - Artifact (Review)

Indeed this is war. What do you do when you're sued for $30 million by your record label? If you're Jared Leto, you rock!

In some ways Odd Brodsky is like a Walter Mitty for women. Ben Stiller's Icelandic adventure was also about overcoming one's awkwardness to chase big dreams.

Here's a wine movie that eschews the literal, and embraces whimsical to tell a magical story of a mysterious man who falls from the sky into a vineyard.

Capital takes us into the boardroom, and reveals what life might be like as the CEO of a top European bank. You can judge. Or you can play along.

No doubt this is a quirky, character-driven study. It's not the destination that matters, as they say, but the journey.

A review of 'You Will Be My Son'. How does the intergenerational drama compare to other wine films that came before it such as 'Sideways' and 'Bottle Shock'?

When I took a break from so-many re-watches of Mulholland Drive, and pulled up Friday the 13th, I was reminded at just how well the film has held up over the years.