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Haddock. Lots of haddock.
Cy Ashley Webb

The killer comedic timing of Neuenfeldt, Ward, and Noble keeps this fast-paced spy thriller, which serves more as a Brit equivalent to Get Smart!, than an alternate take on the Hitchcock original, moving forward.

The Arts
BY | 10.17.14 VIDEO

Can music change (save) the world?

BY | 10.15.14

Mill Valley Film Festival (MVFF) sets record with 61,000 attendance. Watch highlights: Elle Fanning, Hilary Swank, Kristin Davis.

Theater & Arts
BY | 10.15.14

Joan Crawford: your play is ready. Divas unite.

Shave and a haircut...
BY | 10.15.14

Ayn Rand might find Studwell’s transitions to the iconoclastic demon barber of Fleet Street so effective that she’d just have to get over the central conceit likening cannibalism to capitalism.

Theater & Arts
BY | 10.14.14

Leave it to a group focused upon historically informed Baroque music – the same stuff that could be voted most likely to be museum pieces – to develop a concert format for the 21st century.

BY | 10.13.14 VIDEO

Elephants could become extinct in 10 years, says actress Kristin Davis (Sex And The City), if we don’t stop poachers from gunning them down for ivory.

Something circular
BY | 10.08.14

Harrison’s remarks about Bolcom feeling like an un-selfconsciously American composer apply here because Bolcom’s confidently letting parts of the European musical toolbox (like serial sequences) go crazy within an exclusively American frame.

Tales from "The Time of the Cockoo"
BY | 10.07.14

This comparison of European and American attitudes toward marital fidelity suggests that while Americans aren’t as sophisticated as we like to think, we were far more sophisticated in the early ‘60s than we tend to remember.