Smuin Ballet - Unlaced (Review)

The whole thing happens so organically, so subtly, that it seems to originate somewhere beyond the choreographer’s active imagination.

It's one of the biggest stories of 2015 in San Francisco. Go inside the new, modern space at The Strand Theater.
If/Then Broadway Musical

“The homecoming of Beautiful: The Carole King Musical gives us all an opportunity to see how the production has developed since it first had its world premiere with SHN in 2013.”

Actor Don Reed presents nine characters – beginning with Alberta – the first roadblock at the “appointments or no appointments” desk.

This is a spinet on stage, not a baby grand, and what de Waal does with it can make you rethink the possibilities of music.

"None of us are supposed to be perfect. We're just not. We are all on a path, and we're learning as we go."
Opera San Jose - Magic Flute

What I like most about Opera San Jose is that you’re never too far from the idea of opera as a very human endeavor. As we get deeper and deeper into our virtual lives, with their exaggerated expectations, it’s that reminder of human activity that means so much.

A different way to wrap your mind around Head of Passes is to think of it as a variant of Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking – re-morphed culturally for the bayou and performed by a cast with killer acting chops.

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