Life and the over-sharing economy. New Strand Theater opens with play that reflects ourselves in an era of 140-character rants, aimless streams, and (ugh) obligatory selfies.
Strand Theater - Entrance (San Francisco)video

"We think this is our big red clown nose, right in the middle of Market Street." Artistic director Carey Perloff made if official last night. The iconic Strand Theater has made a stirring comeback. After years of construction, a few ups and downs, and some $34 million in donor support...
Live from New York!

New documentary re-visits 40 years of Saturday Night Live's influence and impact on comedy, and American culture.
The Illusionists - Stark Insider Review

The audience was jollied along by host Jeff Hobson, aka the Trickster, who had fewer sequins than Liberace, but nonetheless wore his over-the-top fabulousity with comparable panache.
The Addams Family Musical

A must-see summer treat, now playing downtown San Jose.

Backstage at the Broadway musical Addams Family. Diving deep into the macabre comedy, and mind of cartoonist Charles Addams.
Fallen Angels - TheatreWorks

If you want someone who can go from 1 to 100 on the loonymeter, while managing to look drop dead gorgeous with seven sheets to the wind, Sarah Overman is your gal, and Rebecca Dines is right behind her.
Bay Area Book Festival

Dr. Bonyfide (Jin An Wong) sagely pronounced “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom,” as he showed Know Yourself PBC's latest offerings, while Kim Stinson Serrano helped a young visitor spin a gaming wheel and affix a scapula (shoulder bone) in place.
Quantum Love - Inferno Theatre Company Review

The central theme is carried inexorably forward, much in the same way one can follow the direction of a ball in a game of pinball - the path may appear haphazard, but important points are scored along the way.
BTS Broadway Musical with new Stark Insider Interview Rig - Extended Torture Edition

It's here. We've given it a test run over the weekend on a shoot. And it works a treat. I present to you, the new Stark Insider Interview Rig: There's been a lot of talk around these parts about a move from DSLR to Super 35 cinema cam for the SI video segments....