The Monster Builder - Aurora Theatre Company, Berkele

A talented cast at Berkeley's Aurora Theatre Company holds the show together through all its twists and turns.
If/Then starring Idina Menzel

Superficially, the execution appears unremarkable until it hits that your brain has been stolen by the shape of the entire dance, moving on the stage like a school of fish, leaving you more aware of the geometries that power it forward.
San Francisco Olympians Festival

30 new plays by 31 local writers make for imaginative evening of theater.
PBO Orchestra - San Francisco

This material highlights how different the historically informed performances of PBO (and the Academy of Ancient Music) are from anything most of us grew up with. This was driven home by snippet of what must have been an early ‘60’s recording which sounded stultifying, thick, and very unBaroque.
Bay Area Children's Theatre

We received an email yesterday that made my heart sink a little. It was from Nina Meehan, executive director of Bay Area Children's Theatre, asking for a donation. Nothing unusual about that. The arts, as we all know too well, are in a perpetual mode of fund-raising, and cost cutting....
Date Night at Pet Emergency

Rothman's considerable strengths, as a writer and performer, make this show worth taking in.
Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling - Documentary BTS

"It's not good enough... I wasted six months of our lives." Nicolas Winding Refn held himself, once again, to a very high standard. The Danish director was coming off the smash film Drive and feeling the pressure that comes with the followup. In this case, that would be Only God...
The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil - Review

... it's The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil (paperback, $24.95 USD). Of course! Because random knowledge and factoids are fun, especially as they relate to that most favorite "elixir of the Gods" (as Jean-Charles Boisset is wont to say). Yes, the pursuit of wine -- the people who make it, the wineries...
42nd Street Moon - Sail Away Theater Review

Even if you don’t like her acting style, you’ll marvel at her command, her timing, her eyebrows. Watching her makes me start connecting lines back to a young Carol Burnett.
John Travolta to receive career achievement award at NVFF

He's stayin' alive. And in our hearts. Famed ageless wonder known as John Travolta is set to unlock a career achievement award at this year's edition of the Napa Valley Film Festival. Now in its fifth year, NVFF organizers say they will also hold special tributes for actor Bruce Dern ("Legendary Actor"), and actor-writer...