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Will Durst in Elect to Laugh 2016 at The Marsh San Francisco

Elect to Laugh 2016: Again and again

Quick to connect with the audience, Will Durst alternates knowing insults and ego stokes, always taking the audience’s pulse.
BTS Nicolas Winding Refn directing Neon Demon

Deep thoughts with ‘Neon Demon’ director Nicolas Winding Refn

Ah Refn. Does this guy know how to rattle chains or what? Director Nicolas Winding Refn's (NWR!) latest film The Neon Demon was all the buzz at this year's Cannes. Though the Amazon Studios-backed film, starring Elle Fanning as a starry eyed ingénue attempting to survive the cutthroat (literally of course) fashion...
Maggie's Plan Film Review - San Francisco International Film Festival

Romantic comedy ‘Maggie’s Plan’ a surprise highlight at SFIFF (Review)

A surprise highlight of the 59th San Francisco International Film Festival, Maggie’s Plan provides an intriguing take on romantic comedies. Single and hearing her biological time clock ticking, college administrator Maggie looks for a sperm donor. Walking through the park on a sunny day, she confers with Tony, her...
Star Trek The Ultimate Voyage

San Francisco: Summer with the Symphony line-up revealed

Star Trek, Pink Martini, Ratatouille with live orchestra, music from the Final Fantasy video game series. San Francisco Symphony's Summer Series is stocked to the rafters with goodness.

‘Last Five Years’ a sleeper hit at A.C.T. San Francisco (Review)

The imaginative geometries created by Roberts Wierzel’s lighting design are so striking that whole dissertations could be directed at explicating how their crisp precision advances the plot in ways that hold one’s attention without being intentionally attention-getting.
The Neon Demon - Cannes Reaction

‘Neon Demon’ Reaction: Makes ‘Showgirls’ look like Bergman (Cannes 2016)

UPDATE: Indiewire, which published its own review of Neon Demon by Eric Kohn, has a round-up of early reviews, many of which are very positive. Mission accomplished. In some corners it's been dubbed Dario Argento's Next Top Model. For auteur Nicholas Winding Refn, the Internet has spoken. And -- predictably -- the early...

SFIFF Standout Cinema: ‘Neither Heaven Nor Earth’ and ‘Les Cowboys’

The 59th edition of the San Francisco International Film Festival wrapped earlier this month, and, once again, did not disappoint, bringing to the big screen international, indie, and cultural gems. Jeanne Powell attended SFIFF and highlights a few of her favorite films. Look for full reviews and more from SFIFF...

Stark Insider and RED Raven: BTS ‘All American Apple Pie’ shoot

Loni was back from London. And it was the weekend. Clearly, that could mean only one thing: time to test the new RED Raven camera. I had already shot some slowmo (high frame rate) tests with Raven and was very pleased with the image produced by the well-regarded Dragon sensor...
Smuin Ballet - Dance Series Two

Another shot of Helen Pickett’s choreography with the Smuin Ballet’s current offering

This piece, which speaks to a sense of loss and dislocation, is not without bits of complete silliness. Performed by six dancers, it relies on traveling moves and carries to create interesting geometries.
The Neon Demon - Elle Fanning

Director Nicolas Winding Refn on ‘Neon Demon’ Set: “Violence, motherf***ers!”

"Violence, motherf***ers!" Well, that's an interesting alternative to shouting, "Action!" on set. Nicolas Winding Refn is laying it all on the line. Next week, when the hotly anticipated indie The Neon Demon premieres at Cannes, we will learn if the high-profile director has pushed the strangeness envelope far enough. After all, if the result is...