Notes from the Field: Doing Time in Education, The California Chapter

She’s so powerful that she can use words like “impactful,” and you want to believe them.
Matilda National Tour - Review

Outstanding performances, vocals, and choreography. 'Matilda' is a fine example of intelligent story-telling and the inspiration that live theater can deliver.
Company - San Francisco Playhouse Review

Company remains so vital you have to pay attention to this microscope on everyone’s marriage, complete with ironies, compromises, and connections for which we all keep looking

There's No Business Like Show Business! This is hard to believe, possibly even epic. Loni Stark gets a lesson in voice projection for the stage from none other than legend of Broadway and television herself, Ethel Merman. How can it be? You'll have to watch to find out! In this episode Loni visits the set...
Champions of Magic - Jade @ Union Square, San Franciscovideo

Watch as Jade performs at Union Square in San Francisco. "I feel like a goddess or princess. That feeling of a super power!" she says when little kids react to her famous tricks and illusions.
Triangle Review - TheatreWorks Silicon Valley

'Triangle', which just opened at the Lucie Stern Theatre in Palo Alto, embraces our distant and immediate past, creating glimmers of a future, and doing things that other musicals just don’t.
Call Me Miss Birds Eye - Review

No microphones. It's all about the Bel Canto in Voice Australia's 'Call Me Miss Birds Eye'.
Boulevard Review

"Are you happy?" It's like a sucker punch. And the chills come fast. When Robin Williams's character Nolan Mack, a quiet and reliable banker, is asked that question by his boss, the sadness is multi-layered, the emptiness very real. Boulevard is one of Robin William's last big screen performances. Others include...
Keith Richards - Crosseyed Heart release 2015

On September 18th, history will be proven wrong once again. That's when timeless wonder, Rolling Stones guitarist, and music legend Keith Richards will release a new solo album. His first in 20 years, it's called "Crosseyed Heart" and includes fifteen tracks -- ones that according to the press release will take him on...
Frances McDormand - Fargo

Frances McDormand, Kathleen Chalfant, and Steven Epp scheduled to star next season at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre.