Some of the best known musical acts this year include Jewel, Peter Frampton, Steely Dan, Chris Isaak, Lyle Lovett, Sarah Brightman and Colbie Caillat.

Clinton Stark

The Live in the Vineyard music festival featured many memorable performances. The Brixtons may well have been the best.

Silicon Valley
BY | 04.21.14

Despite the Geek Dilemna, much like Project Ara, it doesn’t matter much if Google Glass as a product thrives or not. Google has already won. Here’s why.

Bay Area Stage
BY | 04.21.14

Chris Apy and Tonyboy Marin’s performances of Gavroche (especially “Little People”) brought down the house.

Leaning in to Listen
BY | 04.18.14

The show begins with the theatre equivalent of a palate-chaser, as the lights plunge you into a darkness so deep that the stage lights sear your eyes when they come up. Whatever you leave behind is exactly that – left behind.

Moment in Time
BY | 04.17.14 VIDEO

Scene in San Francisco, post SFIFF screening of Gia Coppola’s PALO ALTO.

Indie Film
BY | 04.16.14

‘Palo Alto’, the film, offers a (significantly) different perspective on life here in Silicon Valley, then, say, the HBO satire ‘Silicon Valley’.

BY | 04.15.14

Like we saw in the creepy, visceral Se7en (1995), Fincher once again cloaks his scenes in darkness. Even broad daylight seems less bright.

Theater & Arts
BY | 04.14.14

Davalos characterizes Faustus as a Renaissance Timothy Leary.

Priam's children
BY | 04.14.14

This is a massive tome, and their cuts were well placed to “sing the rage of Peleus’s son Achilles” without tediously dragging the audience across every Greek battlefield or repeating the well known story of the Trojan horse.