Not how they do it at the Bolshoi...
Cy Ashley Webb

Don’t think for a minute that she’ll give you any of that Je ne veux pas dejeuner stuff.

San Francisco Film
Clinton Stark

MVFF: What to expect at one of the year’s most anticipated non-competitive film festivals.

Strand Theater Renovation - A.C.T. - 2014
Theater & Arts
BY | 09.11.14

A.C.T. enters public phase of capital campaign to build The Strand Theater in San Francisco’s Central Market neighborhood.

Independent Cinema
BY | 09.09.14

Writer-director Tommy Lee Jones brings anti-western, ‘The Homesman’, to 37th edition of the Mill Valley Film Festival (MVFF). Hillary Swank to attend.

Damn vile courtiers!
BY | 09.09.14

Rigoletto’s so direct and so fast paced, it’s as if the bel canto world of Bellini and Rosetti never happened.

On Location
BY | 09.08.14 VIDEO

Watch backstage video: set of ‘Wicked’, plus a ride in Glinda’s magical bubble. “It’s good to see me, isn’t it?!” Loni Stark talks with Chandra Lee Schwartz about the Broadway blockbuster.

BY | 09.07.14 VIDEO

“It’s good to see me, isn’t it?” – Bubble etiquette with Chandra Lee Schwartz.

Theater & Arts
BY | 09.05.14

If you support feminism, does that mean you support porn?

Bay Area Stage
BY | 09.02.14

Bold? Diverse? Innovative? Here’s what to expect at San Jose Stage Company’s 2014-15 season. Full schedule.

Turning green, I really think so
BY | 09.01.14

‘Wicked’ leaves you leaving the theater with a spring in your step and a slightly bigger heart, which is a taller order than all the green “ozmopolitans” offered at the bar during intermission