Dystopic though it may be, there’s forward energy here, if only out of the struggle for more lines, and the rights to those lines.

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Loni Stark

Watch Mat Kearney talk about his fifth studio album, ‘Just Kids’. Plus, concert highlights from Live in the Vineyard featuring “Ships in the Night” and a stripped down version of “Just Kids”.

Look out Mick!
BY | 02.24.15

Schiff’s intense concentration in the slow beginning – not ponderous, but deliberate, taking time to deliver the maximal impact of every note – provided the perfect contrast for the technically complex, bombast section that followed.

California Wine
BY | 02.23.15

Photo recap of Premiere Napa Valley, including barrel tasting, lunch at the Culinary Institute of America, and a record-setting wine auction that raised $6 million for non-profit Napa Valley Vintners.

Art isn't easy
BY | 02.23.15

Tyler Bennett’s performance of Seurat had such depth and nuance that it recalls the old Anna Deavere Smith bit about good acting being the furthest thing from lying that she’s encountered.

BY | 02.17.15

This could be real stagy stuff, but Schiff is too much the magician for that. Rather that forcing a dramatic overlay, he just stays centered in the notes, not anticipating, not giving anything away. The result is a frothy delight.

realtor's dilemma
BY | 02.16.15

Above all, you wonder ‘Who are these two to each other?’ Is this really the time to be arguing about redoing the living room? You never question why your attention is fixed like a laser on these really disagreeable people.

Arts & Culture
BY | 02.10.15 VIDEO

Stark Insider goes backstage to preview Disney’s ‘The Lion King’. Watch as Loni Stark tranforms into Rafiki! Plus: Broadway San Jose 2015-16 season line-up.

Arts & Culture
BY | 02.09.15

The roots of the expression “S&M”, a play-within-a-play and two outstanding performances conspire to create an epic night of theater.

Wine Country
BY | 02.09.15 VIDEO

Coming soon to Stark Insider: exploring the unheralded Santa Lucia Highlands AVA wine region, located a short drive South of Silicon Valley.