Heart-warming documentary ‘BatKid Begins’ set to open Cinequest in Silicon Valley. Read more for highlights of the 25th edition of the film festival. Stark Insider preview.

Wine Country

Stark Insider takes a first look at Yountville Live, with concert highlights and interviews with headliners Colbie Caillat and Matt Nathanson. Put your headphones on!

Bay Area Stage
BY | 01.28.15

Berkeley Rep has the highest combined ratings on Stark Insider since 2009. If we were the Metacritic of stage, it would be in green and sit around a 95, next to Magic Theatre, A.C.T. and BioShock for Sony PlayStation.

Theater & Arts
BY | 01.27.15

A play about Silicon Valley that hits close to home. Can two video game developers meet deadline? And will ego, love, and loss render their code useless?

Film Festivals
BY | 01.27.15

Blackmagic Cameras star at Sundance Film Festival with four films including Bob and the Trees, The Strongest Man, Things of the Aimless Wanderer.

What's Happening
BY | 01.27.15

Symphony Silicon Valley announced it will live score Peter Jackson’s Academy-Award winning Lord of the Ring trilogy. Two cycles are planned for April.

Shifting light among the leaves
BY | 01.26.15

The hit you get off of this one is almost as big as all our collective histories.

NFL: Not for Long
BY | 01.26.15

Every lighting cue and every sound cue work to heighten this realism and transform the Berkeley Rep’s thrust stage. In lesser hands, this hyperrealism could feel mechanistic and antiseptically cold, but here, it’s so well done that it only pushes the story forward.

No flat notes
BY | 01.20.15

This show is the perfect introduction for those who are curious what the often-grueling track to becoming another musician trying to not get stuck in contractor hell is really like.

Legal stall
BY | 01.19.15

Kornbluth’s got the law firm culture down – a world in which even summer associates trump the admins and paralegals who really keep the place running. By playing all the roles himself, he keeps the story close to his chest, which makes it look far smarter than the movie.