ARTICLES BY Patricia Reardon

Pat enjoys the latest in food, wine and the arts. When not eating, drinking and watching, she and her husband Barry travel whenever possible. Even after years in marketing and communication positions in the Silicon Valley, she is still looking for that perfect work life balance. She loves her garden, cooking, photography and pets Rocky and Muffin. Pat and Barry are passionate Sharks fans. They are also busy enjoying their life here in the Valley and at Casa de los Gallos, their vacation home in Loreto Mexico.
Bay Area Stage
by on 07.23.12

Chicago continues to resonate with an audiences even more than it did when it was introduced on Broadway in the 70s. This original City Lights production is no exception. It is a wonderful finish to an excellent season.

Purple Summer
by on 09.09.11

Adolescent angst, Imperial Germany and rock and roll thrill at San Jose Rep.

by on 06.06.11

In spite of Avenue Q’s teaser reputation as a Muppet satire packed with vulgarity, profanity and full puppet nudity, the dialogue and situations are quite tame by today’s HBO standards.

by on 03.22.11

This multi-layered tale of a young man’s mental instability is perfectly delivered by one of the most stellar casts that City Lights Theatre has put together this year.

by on 03.18.11

It is a testament to the universality of the family of man that this endearing story, steeped in Jewish traditions from the shetls of Eastern Europe, is so meaningful to audiences everywhere.

Life of a Maverick
by on 03.16.11

Soul Surfer is the incredible, true story of thirteen year old champion surfer Bethany Hamilton’s (AnnaSophia Robb) inspiring recovery from a terrifying shark attack that took her left arm.

by on 01.25.11

“Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie, Which we ascribe to Heaven.”

by on 01.24.11

When nothing is what it seems and everything is subject to question.

hysterical tale
by on 11.30.10

This highly amusing satire on the state of our current political discourse is really about intolerance, bigotry and hypocrisy, in no particular order.

Classic Musical
by on 11.25.10

An American classic in shades of purple.