ARTICLES BY Mike Carrall

Silicon Valley
by on 10.06.14

Whereas Apple’s iPhone 6 reveal was revolutionary expect the iPad Air 2 to be more subdued, incremental: 0.5mm thinner, laminated display, upgraded specs are expected.

Silicon Valley
by on 10.02.14

Actor and musician Jared Leto kicks-off the inaugural Techmanity tech conference in San Jose. Watch full video replay.

by on 09.18.14

Verizon and Motorola Mobility are expected to release a new Droid phone this October. But will the five year old Droid brand still appeal to consumers?

by on 09.16.14

Here’s a low cost way to jump into the wearables game.

Mobile Gear
by on 09.15.14

Ogio. Reportedly here to protect and serve your legions of mobile gadgets.

by on 08.05.14

Pebble launches colorful marketing campaign, highlights legibility of screen outdoors, makes us want to be cool cats.

by on 07.31.14

Google gains, while Apple loses market share for Q2 2014. Meanwhile, Chinese vendors Huwaei, Lenovo and Xiaomi are making inroads in handset shipments.

In Tech
by on 07.23.14

Windows to become one platform. New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has wasted little time in making sweeping changes; all the while, it is clear that this is his company.

Silicon Valley
by on 07.14.14

If Apple can’t deliver a large 5.5-inch iPhone before the holiday season it could be, if not a big blow, at least a crimp in Q4 sales.