ARTICLES BY Mike Carrall

by on 04.06.14

Lenovo/Motorola Mobility will likely position the X + 1 as a friendly mid-range device. It could launch alongside the Moto 360 Android Wear smartwatch this summer.

by on 04.03.14

Google could offer mobile wireless services. If true, I give this news a thumbs up. It’s very promising. Wireless is a ridiculous oligopoly. Carrier mark ups are extreme. Google could change that.

Android News
by on 03.26.14

Much love. BUT two issues with the HTC One (M8): (1) That insane $699 unlocked price and (2) that wasted bezel space with the HTC logo.

Android News
by on 03.25.14

With the One M8, HTC didn’t revolutionize the smartphone. Then again, no one is these days. We continue to see incremental improvements, and that includes Apple and the iPhone 5S.

by on 03.14.14

Asus unveils Windows-based 8-inch tablet with quad-core processor and Wacom digitizer pen for $329. Ships March 25.

Android News
by on 03.10.14

HTC is scheduled to officially launch the 2014 version of the One at press events in London and New York City on March 25.

Mobile Trends
by on 03.03.14

As a whole, the tablet market grew 68% suggesting that the category continues to have legs.

by on 02.24.14

All told I’m slightly underwhelmed with what Samsung has done here. Then again, I don’t really blame them. This is the safe play.

Android News
by on 02.20.14

You don’t have to wait until next month to get a glimpse of the refreshed HTC One phone, known as the “All New One.” Here’s a first look at the Android powerhouse.

Mobile Tech
by on 02.13.14

Universal Store coming? One of the biggest challenges facing Microsoft is a deficit in quality apps. Unifying its myriad of platforms could help.