ARTICLES BY Carl Orthlieb

Software executive Carl enjoys chronicling life and adventure, from Bhutan in the Himalyans to Bucerias in Mexico.
Smoked Drunken Salmon
by on 09.09.09

I have a friend who produces absolutely stunning smoked salmon and I wanted to try his recipe. I have a gas barbeque (gasp!) which really doesn’t lend itself well to smoking. Yes, there’s a smoking tray but you can’t beat the aroma of a real mesquite wood fire. Susan wanted to have some Smoked Pork […]

Adventure Travel
by on 08.15.09

We scampered up a rickety ladder made from tree limbs to the top floor of the Dzong to see the monks in training.

swaths of starry clusters
by on 07.29.09

I handed the kids a bar of Trader Joe’s chocolate which they devoured without hesitation.

Around the World
by on 07.16.09

In 1998 a butter lamp was knocked over and set fire to the monastery, burning it to the ground.

Where in the World is Carl?
by on 07.03.09

Then they wanted us to hand over our passport. Our confidence level was at a low so Dom and I refused which caused a tremendous amount of consternation.

Around the World
by on 06.26.09

Once in Hong Kong we stopped at a noodle bar in the airport for a big bowl of noodles, fried wontons, and fresh chow fun. Delicious!

Stark Insider
by on 02.04.09

Many people are familiar with brandy. A good brandy, served in a snifter and warmed gently by the palm of the hand, can release intoxicating aromas and explode on the palette as a soothing after dinner aperitif — a grand way to end an evening and, as my father says, settle the stomach. One of the […]

Stark Insider
by on 01.30.09

One of the things we needed when the four of us arrived in Puerto Vallarta on our way to Bucerias was a rental car. Specifically, I wanted a mini-van capable of holding 6 people as my parents were meeting us in a few days after we landed. I had used Expedia to find the cheapest […]

Stark Insider
by on 01.22.09

Ok, we’ve gone to market, had our coffee and croissant, what is there left to do? How about an authentic Mexican meal at the Cottage of the Tiger? Just down Gonzales Ave near the end of the street is a colorful restaurant done with orange arches and a big tree. Inside is dark and cool […]

Stark Insider
by on 01.20.09

Today is your lucky day. You’ve had margaritas at restaurants including American knockoffs with their weak limey slush and little to no alcohol. You’re disappointed–perhaps you’ve vowed to never again have another margarita. You’ve taken to sulking on Cinco de Mayo with a tepid Corona in your hand. It’s hard. I know the wilderness that […]