Al, originally from Methuen, MA, made his way west to the San Francisco Bay Area via Hershey, PA courtesy of H Ross Perot's EDS in the 1970's. Managing IT for EPRI (remember Chernobyl) and Pacific Bell in it 1980's, Al moved on to manage IT under contract with NASA in the 90's. With the downturn in government contracts he started his own consulting business to branch out to the commercial and financial sectors. Through it all he kept up with his passion for photography, motorsports racing, cycling and branching out into writing about travel and wine.
by on 08.01.11

Needless to say, besides all of the other selections that made it to our cellar, a case of the 2009 Ancient Vine Zinfandel Reserve futures is safely on order.

Baja California Sur
by on 02.03.11

The wind has made for some very dramatic wave action.

Loreto Live Blog
by on 06.13.10

The Inn at Loreto Bay is undergoing some minor changes. The palm trees have been trimmed of the dead branches (hopefully the Paseo trees will follow) and a load of sand is being deployed in the “rock garden” to the right of the reception area. Unfortunately it appears that some of the sand is being […]

Loreto Live Blog
by on 06.10.10

The Immigration officer was quite efficient. I was in and out in less than 5 minutes.

Loreto Live Blog
by on 06.09.10

I drove from San Francisco to San Quintin in about 13 hours thanks to a bit of a delay in LA traffic and a checkpoint inspection in Tijuana even though I got the green light.

Waiting for Good Beer
by on 04.22.10

I moonlight as a travel photographer and get to publish web pages for a couple of travel oriented web sites. As such as often as I can, I tend to go back to places I’ve previously visited and written about, to get an update. Today I happened to be in San Francisco to meet some […]

Back in Time
by on 04.18.10

This is a trip back in time for those of you who remember “The Rat Pack” allegedly so nicknamed by their 5th member’s wife. We had the opportunity on Saturday night to visit “The Sands Hotel” as it was on a similar night in 1940. For just a moment close your eyes and if you […]

breaches and tail slaps
by on 03.20.10

A week is just not enough time to get much done in Loreto, especially when you’re building a house. We’re one of the lucky ones and have been “in residence” for almost two years. Still there is always something different to do and see. As many times as I walk the Malacon, I see a […]

Loreto Live Blog
by on 03.14.10

Alaska Airlines tickets from SFO to LTO have skyrocketed recently unless you can make plans 2-3 months in advance. Even then the cost of a ticket is getting rather pricey in comparison to just a couple years ago. So, armed with comments from a couple other home owners who had tried “The Bus” we checked […]

Loreto Live Blog
by on 01.25.10

The custom lots appear to have a lot of work going on for most.