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Clint writes about Silicon Valley (Churchill Club Academy member), film, California wine, theater (ATCA member) and tech including his trusty Canon EOS 70D and, much to his wife's chagrin, his new Pebble smartwatch. A would-be NHLer if it weren't for the clarinet, he tries in vain to direct Loni on Stark Insider TV. He's held executive marketing roles at Cisco, EMC and, and is active with start-ups across the valley. Clint's story...
What's Happening
by on 04.15.14 VIDEO

Watch video of a wine cave being excavated in Napa Valley. Monster machines drill into earth’s core. Is this the set of ALIEN?

by on 04.15.14

Games continue to be the most popular category of downloads with messaging apps such as WhatsApp (Facebook), Viber (Rakuten) and Tango making “substantial waves” in Q1 2014.

by on 04.15.14

Like we saw in the creepy, visceral Se7en (1995), Fincher once again cloaks his scenes in darkness. Even broad daylight seems less bright.

by on 04.10.14

One interesting twist with this particular integration: you can stream direct from the Google Play Music app to Sonos.

Digital Film
by on 04.09.14

The problem with the GH4 and A7s is that both are housed in DSLR-like bodies. They’re compromises–again, shooting stills and video. Whereas something like the C100 is designed solely for video, especially doc/ENG/run-and-gun.

by on 04.09.14

Just like Facebook, Twitter wants our mortal mobile souls.

What's Happening
by on 04.08.14

Cakebread takes top spot in annual survey of most popular restaurant wines.

Mind Games
by on 04.04.14

Rod Gnapp, as so many already know around the San Francisco Bay Area, is the man. His performance here is #epic.

Art of the Pitch?
by on 04.03.14

Silicon Valley is an exciting place to be in 2014. The last time this much VC money flowed was 1999. ‘Game On’ brings entertaining start-up culture to the stage.

Big Ideas
by on 04.02.14 VIDEO

Exploring the art of pitching VCs, chasing the next big idea, and, of course, cheering and complaining about the San Francisco Giants. Plus: Nachos and crickets!