Good Night Moon at Palo Alto Children’s Theatre: Never too late for a second childhood

They sing, dance, provoke cows, tangle yarn, wreak havoc, and work their way straight into your heart.

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Good Night Moon

3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars - 'Sweet Stuff'
Palo Alto Children's Theatre
Directed by Judge Luckey
Address: 1305 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA
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Goodnight Moon Palo Alto Childrens TheatreThe great green room, telephone, red balloon, bowl full of mush, and old lady whispering hush are such a part of our experience as parents and children that they’re almost integrated into our DNA, much like a virus. They’ve certainly gone on to reproduce ironic progeny, including one with a comatose Swiss au pair and other with “bings, bongs and beeps of emails and tweets.”  However, none of these comes close to the musical “Good Night Moon” that just opened at Palo Alto Children’s Theatre.

Imagining this children’s classic as a stage production is a bit of a stretch. Still, this upbeat, fast-paced musical will have you seeing the book in a whole new light. While the set places you squarely into the great green room, the shenanigans that take place therein will keep you wide awake and laughing in your seat throughout the 50 minute show.

Daniel Joyce (Bunny) was born to wear bunny ears and a tail.  He whines, wheedles, cavorts, and charms his way across the stage with cohort Ernestine Balisi (Mouse).  The only catch with this production is you’ll be tempted to take both of them home. Together with the rest of the cast, they sing, dance, provoke cows, tangle yarn, wreak havoc, and work their way straight into your heart.

Good Night Moon is ideal for ages two and up. And, just like the breakfast cereal, it’s not just for kids.

It runs through February 10th at the Palo Alto Children’s Theatre. Call 650-463-4970 for tickets, or visit their web site.

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