First Impressions: Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon (plus Moto Droid comparison)

This is what I love about the cloud, and Google especially. In goes a new sim card into a Nexus ($289 with two year contract) and minutes later: Voila! All contacts, email, calendar and apps synced.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus - First impressions, mini-review

Samsung Galaxy Nexus hands-on

I finally had to break from the office and stop by a local Costco here in Silicon Valley and upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. So long trusty Moto Droid, and hello Ice Cream Sandwich. Although there are sell-outs, if you look hard enough you can likely find a Nexus still in stock. Costco is getting more in stock tomorrow if you missed the initial allotment. Quick note: If you don’t like lines or Christmas crowds, you can get Nexus on Amazon for only $149 (new subscribers). A great deal.

As if the world needs yet another Galaxy Nexus hands-on, first impressions, review…

True that. Being a long-term Android fan, however, I’m going to come at it from the perspective of an OG Droid owner (November 2009).

If you’ve been following the trials and tribulations of the Nexus launch on Stark Insider, then you already know two things: (1) Google/Samsung/Verizon, our beloved Three Stooges wrt this particular outing, botched the Nexus launch big time, and turned what could’ve been a stellar coming out party into weeks of mystery, confusion and ultimately frustration (causing some to abandon ship); and (2) my world is not black or white, I’m not into Apple iPhone (though I am into iPad) so don’t expect comparisons there.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Lock Screen

Upgrade Process

Continue reading Clint’s first impressions of the Nexus…

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  • Chad Brokaw

    “First, if there’s any concern our there still: Yes, you’re unlimited
    Verizon data plan will be grandfathered to 4G. Rest easy friends.”

    So, the unlimited data, if you’re grandfathered, is for 4G speeds and not 3G?

  • Anonymous

    I got this phone, and i really like it. I had an old school win mobile phone with a keyboard. For me it is great thickness wise, but i did have a large phone before. I think it works really well and have no complaints. I think it is on par with the iphone, which my wife has. However the big concern that i have is the battery. I have only had it for a day, but i am only running 3g and the life has been far from stellar. To the point where i dont know if i will be able to make it through the workday without a charger.

  • Craig Nofal

    Was having high anticipations for this phone being the
    holy grail of cellphones. Can’t anyone get it right? Everything is great on this
    phone, EXCEPT, two things that are important to me. The speakerphone has such a low volume you have to hold it up to your ear to hear it. I listen to Pandora while in the shower on my Droid, which is twice as loud as the Nexus, so this
    won’t work for me. Also the camera is a poor excuse for a camera. Pictures were
    blurry and terrible at low light. But the good news is the shutter is really
    fast… at taking subpar pictures. I’m getting the HTC Rezound.

    • Funny you mention speakerphone volume. I listened to a Google Voice message today on Nexus and found the volume lacking. Then I compared it to the excellent Galaxy S II and found that Nexus does have a weak speakerphone. Oddly, I’ve been noticing that just about every feature is better on the S II, including the camera, and inexplicably just about any performance-related test I ran (not numbers, just subjective comparisons like loading a web page or launching an app, or scrolling, etc.). I’m also concerned that the battery life is not going to power me through a workday. I may be returning it… underwhelmed. On the upside: ICS is a welcome improvement, though not the game changer many are proclaiming it to be.