Google+ is for the nerds

With MySpace reportedly honing its position as the de-facto social network for entertainment and music, and now Google+ apparently appealing to the tech-set, the future of social networks could very well be all about small neighborhoods.

The Revenge of Google
Circles are fun! See you in G+

The Revenge of Google

Circles are the new square! See you on Google Plus!

I can’t help but feel that Google+ is just like being in the basement of the computer science department. There’s a lot of tech talk, not much sunlight.

Finally, I think I figured out why the new social network seems to be the new hangout for the technorati.

There are no Moms in sight, yo!

Moms are back on Facebook, the Costco of social networking. Nerds, led by folks like Pete Cashmore (Mashable), Michael Arrington (TechCrunch), Guy Kawasaki (who wins highest status throughput award), Kevin Rose (Digg), Robert Scobble seemingly love using G+ to talk about… G+. That, of course, includes me with an ego-deflating equivalent of 15 follows (being included in a Google Circle).

I’m astonished at the number of how-to articles and incessant conversation about Google’s every move. “What you need to know about Google Plus” – skip all that, here’s the short of it: it’s like Facebook, but with bigger fonts and bigger photos. Oh, and bigger tech talk. Forget about theater, arts, food and wine, folks. Photos of cats, though, are apparently still welcome.

There is a serious side here.

That is, Facebook may not be as infallible as once thought. Classic marketing concepts like niche targeting, and segmentation are coming to the fore, whether by accident or design. With MySpace reportedly honing its position as the de-facto social network for entertainment/music, and now Google+ apparently appealing to the tech-set, the future of social networks could very well be all about small neighborhoods. Unlike the Facebook one-size-fits-all approach I imagine a future of networks designed around the needs and interests of specific communities.

So for now:

Facebook = Costco

MySpace = Tower Records

Google+ = Fry’s Electronics

Ning = That small volunteer table at the local bake-off

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  • Clint Willard

    I just wanted to sign up with this web site using my Google+, or G+, or Google Plus credentials and then leave a comment. It’s my first G+ comment on another web site. It is like FB but better, IMHO. Love the circles and the look. Less junk and more yours. Better privacy control as well.

    • Thanks Clint (congrats on that name!). I agree, I’m liking G+ too – I’m fully ready to relent to my inner nerd. You nailed it with the privacy issue too. I think Google learned from Buzz — knock, knock. Who’s there? Buzz. Buzz Who? Exactly! — about privacy and have finally found the right social networking formula.

  • Jim Andreou

    What?? You’re more than welcome to spark convertations (with spark even, if you feel uninspired) on any subject you love to do so, be it films, wine, arts. Just because techies were overrepresented in the initial seed, doesn’t mean anything in the long run. I’m a programmer. Few of my invited friends are programmers. Even less, propotionally, of *their* friends are programmers.

    • You’re right Jim. The interesting thing though is G+ related posts and tech content get the most reaction and interest on Google Plus. Still I’m willing to fight the good fight! Stark Insider stands for arts, theater (big and small), and food/wine in addition to our beloved Silicon Valley, and I’m hoping I can get more of those kinds of conversations going on G+ too.