Cinequest QoD #4: Halfdan Hussey on distribution, Mavericks Studio

Halfdan Hussey, co-founder Cinequest
No butts about it, Cinequest is for Mavericks.

Take a deep breath, get out your favorite walking shoes, grab your Netbook. Cinequest Film Festival 20 is only 5 days away, opening on February 23 with The Good Heart. A good calendar or organizer might not be a bad idea either. The amount of films, events, sessions, and parties is impressively large.

Our countdown continues with another Question of the Day for Halfdan Hussey, co-founder of the festival. This time, we ask about distribution. It’s obviously one of the biggest goals of any film-maker; get their film seen by as many people as possible, and recoup investment, possibly make money. Not so easy these days.

As Halfdan says, “Less than 1% of traditional films get distributed by the studios.”

But the the new Cinequest Mavericks Studio he hopes to bring some additional resources to the table. “We can discover a screenplay,” he continue. “We can bring in A-list talent…to create this dynamic that will really foster everyone’s success and artistic power.”

Well said. The program kicks of this year.

Maybe this video should be PG-13. Butt shot alert!

In case you missed it, I’ve been screening some films, and have been very impressed so far. Not a dud to date, and I won’t be afraid to say so (as much as it pains me).  Here’s the link to catch up on all the reviews and news.

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