Kite Runner author Khaled Hosseini and photographer Joseph Hoyt announce philanthropic collaboration

    Photograph by Joseph Hoyt
    Photograph by Joseph Hoyt
    Photograph by Joseph Hoyt

    Khaled Hosseini, author of the hit book The Kite Runner has announced a philanthropic collaboration with Miami photographer Joseph Hoyt.

    Half of the proceeds from Hoyt’s book Afghanistan 1970-1975 Images from an Era of Peace will benefit the The Khaled Hosseini Foundation which provides humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan to help alleviate suffering and build healthy communities.

    We met Joseph Hoyt earlier this year at the San Jose Repertory Theatre for the opening of The Kite Runner stage production. Joseph was kind enough to talk with Loni at the event and you can see the full interview below taken at his Afghan photo exhibition.

    His photos are moving. And also capture the hope and aspirations of a country besieged. But like The Kite Runner, there are proud dreams of peace.

    Photograph by Joseph Hoyt
    Photograph by Joseph Hoyt

    The book contains 50 high quality black and white images from Afghanistan during its most recent era of peace. I’ve included some of the photos in this post.

    If you’d like to learn more, you can visit the The Khaled Hosseini Foundation.

    To order a copy of Joseph Hoyt’s book for only $20, click here to visit his site.

    Hoyt says, “solutions for Afghanistan’s future may lie in our ability to look back at an era in its recent past when the nation was at peace.”

    In an email, Joseph Hoyt informed me of an upcoming photo exhibition in the UK:

    The Coventry Cathedral
    April 9 – May 26, 2010

    It is part of an exhibition celebrating peace and love. The first: Martin Luther Kind and the March on Washington. Second: a collection of photos of John and Yoko and the famous Bed-in. Third: Afghanistan, Images From an Era of Peace.

    Also, his exhibition is coming to New York. No dates have been announced, but I will let you know as soon as I hear more.

    Photograph by Joseph Hoyt

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    • abide shala

      Dear Mr. Hosseine
      Maybe my English is not going to show that what really I am thinking and what I am feeling.
      For this I feel sorry and I hope you will understand me.
      THANK YOU- that with your books you give me special emotions. This two books made me to reflect once again war in my country Kosova , eleven years ago since when we became independent state .
      THANK YOU-that you convince me once again That the politic is art of lay .
      But best sons with bright minded Ambassadors of Afghanistan Culture ( in this case YOU Mr. Hosseine) are showing to the world that Afghanistan that they know as cradle of Culture is turning in collapse and ghost place without straight.

      THANK YOU- that you raised your voice against human bines oppression and exploitation called Woman in name of moral and Muslim.
      THANK YOU- Lucky and unfortunately as well makes me believe that how similar are traditions and habits of my county with your country therefore makes me feelings as I am walking Kabuls and Heratit streets, live together and suffer with that people –characters just because my people suffered same things .
      I wish you good health ! I wish from my hart more white days for your country –Afghanistan .
      I wish that as soon as possible in your famous literary creativity you will talk about culture ,weal, for peace and equal human treatment in your country.

      Good bless your country!
      All the best
      One mother from Kosova
      Abide Shala
      P.S You are one of the biggest man- writer . You are proud of Afghanistan.
      Good bless you!