Karl Wente on winemaking, music and life in Livermore (Video)

A visit to Wente in Livermore. Watch the video!

In the last Wine Tube TV episode of the Stark Insider visit to Wente Vineyards in Livermore, Karl Wente talked to Loni about Chardonnay and demonstrated Battonage. This time, Loni sits down with Karl to cover the gamut: winemaking, music, life in Livermore and more.

I believe Loni will be posting an article about the experience and what it was like spending time exploring the 3 Wente vineyards (Murrieta’s Well, Tamas, Wente). Meantime, enjoy this interview with Karl!


  • 1:00 – About Wente, vineyards, and acreage
  • 4:09 – A 5th generation winemaker
  • 6:15 – Karl’s winemaking approaches to Chardonnays
  • 8:50 – Farming levels and aligning with wine production
  • 9:56 – Passion for music, and its relationship to wine
  • 11:51 – Walking Sauvignon Blanc vineyards at Murrieta’s Well
  • 12:26 – Sneak peak of next episode: Inside Karl’s ultimate vineyard bachelor pad
  • 12:45 ** Blooper Bonus ** Is it easy or hard to pronounce “Murrieta’s Well”?


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  • Kelly L. Grant

    Karl!  I think you are super brave and amazing!  I will always remember you as the beautiful man behind the newspaper at the airport!  Thanks for being an evolved, pushing the envelope man of the future, past, present and eternity…. all the same thing right???  cheers to you and the McClellends!  (i’m a horrible speller)  always cheering you on your awesome creative adventure;  LOVE Kelly Grant!  I’ve tried to give a shout out to Hans and Jen a ton of times… but my email always returns it.  
    Keep on being you…! think ur rad;  and i have had beers tonight;  so erase anything below par.  
    xoxo  to you and all you know,