Mexico begins marketing efforts to restore $13B tourism industry

mexico-tourism-logoIt will be a nice change to see some positive Mexico headlines in the coming weeks and months.

Fortunately the Mexican government (via the Mexico Tourism Board) is pouring money (reportedly $92M) into a “North American Recovery” marketing campaign which begins today to restore the country’s embattled tourism industry. It will focus on 12 marks in the US and 6 markets in Canada, representing 80% of the tourism market.

The first video, which I viewed earlier today on YouTube (see below), is part of the “believe it” series and addresses the swine flu (H1N1) and how Mexico’s swift response received worldwide accolades.

Meanwhile, stories and rumors continue to circulate about the Baja California Sur governor’s visit to the Loreto area to assess the Loreto Bay development.

I am hopeful something good will come out of these visits. It would ultimately be beneficial to workers, the local economy and tourism to support a development that can bring as much as $20M additional (plus multiples in trickle down goods and services) construction revenue to the region. Plus it would send a message that much needed foreign investment is welcome in the country.


Press Release

Mexico City, MX; June 18th, 2009: The first phase of the three part multimedia campaign titled, “Believe It” will run for a series of two weeks and will consist of television ads in markets across the US. The campaign carries strong, impacting statements and features leaders such as United States President Barack Obama among other important figures within the political arena.

Phase two titled “Welcome Back” reminds Americans of those magical moments that bond them to Mexico, and phase three a coop campaign titled “Mexico-It’s Time To Go” will entice travelers with amazing deals and packages that will be difficult to resist. In all -the campaign reminds everyone- Mexico’s magic-hasn’t changed.

The highly anticipated campaign, builds on the credibility that the Mexican government has built as a result of the responsibility in which the country’s government handled the recent health crisis.  The exciting new campaign’s main message to travelers is to welcome them back and remind them that the Magic of Mexico hasn’t changed. The campaign will be carried out in three phases, beginning now through the winter season.

“Mexico and its tourism sector have proven yet again, that we are resilient to crisis. Not only are we back up and running and receiving tourists every day, but we are showing the world that this administration represents responsibility” said Oscar Fitch, CEO of the Mexico Tourism Board.

“Mexico is letting the world know that we are ready to welcome back travelers and continue to offer the beauty, culture, history, gastronomy, and pristine beaches our country is known for-and of course; all within great proximity and at a great value” added Fitch.

Tourism is one of the most important industries in Mexico; in fact revenue generated by tourists reached $13.2 billion in 2008. And, last year Mexico welcomed 22.6 million international visitors- a 5.9 percent increase from the previous year, of which, 18 million were Americans.

With that said, the campaign will focus on 12 major markets in the United States and six markets in Canada, which combined, represent over 80% of Mexico’s international tourists. Campaigns for Europe, Asia and Latino America are also planned for a later date.

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